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It wasn't long until the sleuths at The Shade Room identified Star's new boyfriend as pro basketball player André Marhold. Though Marhold is a North Carolina native, he's currently playing for Germany's Giessen 46ers as a small forward (via Life & Style) The YouTuber's new relationship announcement comes less than a year after he and longtime boyfriend Nathan Schwandt went their separate ways. In a YouTube video confirming their split Jeffree. Makeup mogul and YouTuber Jeffree Star has a new rumored boyfriend almost eight months after announcing his break-up with his previous long-time boyfriend Nathan Schwandt. The new man.

JEFFREE STAR BREAKS SILENCE ON NEW BOYFRIEND DRAMA SPONSORED BY Adamandeve.com. Code: LUX. 50% off one item plus free shipping in the US and Canada. *Some ex.. YouTuber Jeffree Star dropped a picture of him with a new boo who happens to be Black and a former basketball player overseas, and a lot of people have quest.. Amid the ongoing criticism of Jeffree Star for his past racist remarks and controversial actions, he revealed that he's in a new relationship just five month..

Seven months after splitting from Nathan, it seems that Jeffree Star may have a new boyfriend. The beauty guru posted a cosy photo onto Instagram which showed himself sitting on man's lap, and the.. Nathan Schwandt was in a high-profile relationship with Jeffree Star for 5 years, and seems to have found love again with a Texas-based model. Daniel Boczarski/Getty Images, Danny Solano Nathan Schwandt is well-known by YouTube fans as Jeffree Star's ex-boyfriend. Schwandt dated Star for 5 years, but he seems to have a new love interest

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  1. Jeffree Star's relationship with André Marhold reportedly kicked off in August 2020, when the former posted a picture of himself on Marhold's lap. As with most things Jeffree Star-related, this short-lived relationship was also fizzed with drama
  2. Social media exposes the identity of Jeffree Star's new partner, but he claps back with a video message, and exes speak up.Sources:[Jeffree Star]https://twit..
  3. What the heck is going on with Jeffree Star's boyfriend? A picture posted by beauty YouTuber Jeffree Star went viral after many tried to guess to whom the tattooed arms wrapped around Star belonged. Fans were quick to swoon after finding out the arms belonged to Star's new - now ex - basketball-player boo, Andre Marhold
  4. UPDATE: We have a source that claims the Instagram stories from @leezylp1 are made from an alleged fake account.Jeffree Star has been facing backlash after d..
  5. Jeffree Star Claps Back at Claims He's Paying His New Boyfriend to Date Him Jeffree Star defended himself from accusations that his relationship comes with a price tag, less than a year after.

Jeffree Star is the latest celebrity who's been robbed of goods in their own household buuuut in a surprising turn of events, Jeffree revealed that his own boyfriend is the culprit last year Jeffree Star tried to ruin James Charles's life with false accusations. right now, he just ruined a fucking family. his new boyfriend was married to a beautiful woman and has a. After splitting from his ex-boyfriend Nathan Schwandt, YouTube beauty mogul Jeffree Star has posted a cryptic picture on Instagram. In it, he can be seen with his new & rumored boyfriend Andre Marhold. It has been five months only since Star and Schwandt broke up, but the latter has already found a new relationship. The [ Jeffree Star has yet to confirm or deny Daniel is his new boyfriend, but he did have a few things to say on Insta regarding the crash. After being discharged from the hospital, Star told his fans he had a tough time seeing his car go, but the Rolls's reinforced steel might have saved he & Daniel's lives Makeup guru Jeffree Star is becoming Wyoming's best known ranch owner, ever since he purchased a sprawling 70-acre property outside the east-central city of Casper in December 2020. Since then.

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It looks like Jeffree Star really wants to milk the boyfriend rumors and has now sat down in a twenty-three-minute video (including loads of ads) spilling the truth for his fanbase. The video It all starts with Jeffree Star waking up to the news of Kanye West being Jeffree Star's alleged boyfriend and all the tea surrounding it Jeffree Star's New Boyfriend Andre Marhold Robbed Him - Jeffree Star has accused his ex-boyfriend and basketball pro Andre Marhold of allegedly stealing his stuff through his latest Instagram stories. Jeffree Star's New Boyfriend Andre Marhold Robbed Him Jeffree Star Slams Accusations That He's Paying His New Boyfriend Jeffree Star seemingly has a new man in his life and he wants followers to know that he doesn't pay anyone to be with him About Star's new boyfriend Insider reported that the arm tattoos on the Jeffree Star's post allowed some individuals to figure out who is the man behind the photo. As named, he is André Marhold, an American basketball star playing for the JobStairs GIESSEN 46ers in Germany

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Jeffree Star Mystery Guy Turned Into New Boyfriend. So, we all know Jeffree was single for almost seven months. Then he introduced this guy named 'Jozea Rose' in a video as his first date after his split up with Nathan Schwandt. And now he is seeing a basketball player 'Andre Marhold'. He wanted to keep things behind closed curtains Aug 23, 2020. Makeup guru Jeffree Star has a new boyfriend - and he's African American, MTO News has learned. Jeffree posted a pic of him and his new bae on IG yesterday. And he gave us a hint as to what his bae does for a living. According to Jeffree, who lives in Los Angeles, his new bae is a gangster rapper Andre Marhold is the suspected new boyfriend of beauty influencer and make-up artist Jeffree Star.Star has been posting pictures and videos with a mystery man on his social media, and everyone has.


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  1. UPDATE: Jeffree Star's ex-boyfriend Andre Marhold goes on a rampage exposing Jeffree before Jeffree deletes the stories about the situation from Instagram and SnapChat
  2. In November 2014, he founded the company Jeffree Star Cosmetics, and currently has a net worth of around $200million. Who is Jeffree Star's boyfriend Andre Marhold? Andre Marhold, 30, is a professional basketball player who proved himself as a small forward during his time at Duquesne University in Pittsburgh from 2009-2013
  3. Jeffree Star recently took to her Instagram and alleged her new boyfriend of stealing luxury items from his house and that he is ignoring all his calls. Getting robbed by your significant other may be one of the most hurtful things people go through and it looks like Jeffree Star has also caught his boyfriend in the same act
  4. Even though the few short weeks of their relationship have been absolutely packed with drama, Jeffree Star and his new beau Andre Marhold seem to be holding up just fine. In just days, they've.
  5. Jeffree Star Just Keeps Post Photos of New Boyfriend Andre Marhold Amid Ex-Girlfriend Feud Kelsey Stiegman 8/27/2020 Apple's Software Chief Faults Mac Security to Keep Grip on iPhone App Stor

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  1. Jeffree Star and Rumored New Boyfriend Spark Drama. Jeffree Star and his new boyfriend, Andre Marhold, have caused a significant amount of drama. Entertainment. September 4, 2020. Alessandra Guarneri. Jeffree Star is taking the internet by storm yet again with new boyfriend, Andre Marhold, and the newest blow-up has arrived
  2. The beauty YouTuber and cosmetics CEO Jeffree Star is not paying his new boyfriend to date him, let's just get that fact out there. On 24 August, Star posted a steamy picture onto Instagram with his first new man since breaking up with his long-term boyfriend Nathan Schwandt
  3. Beauty mogul Jeffree Star and his partner of five years, Nathan Schwandt, broke up sometime around January 2020, per Paper.The YouTube celebrity shared the news on Jan. 11, 2020, in a video aptly.
  4. Jeffree Star Earned $18 Million Last Year - PAPER › Jeffree Star's Post About His New Boyfriend Is Dividing the Internet › Jeffree Star Responds to Homewrecker Claims Over His New › Jeffree Star Accused of Stealing Lorac's Design For His Blood Lust › Jeffree Star Accuser Allegedly Paid $45K to Retract Sexual Assault Claims.
  5. Jeffree Star's Boyfriend Dyes His Hair Blonde, And Uses The Makeup Star As A Footstool. Basketball player Andre Marhold dyed his hair to twin with his new boo Jeffree Star. As the makeup guru got on all fours to be his loving footstool
  6. Ol é!YouTuber Jeffree Star and new boyfriend Andre Marhold were spotted enjoying a taco date night at Pink Taco in West Hollywood on Tuesday, September 15.. On his Instagram Stories, the 34-year.

Jeffree Star Claps Back at Claims He's Paying His New Boyfriend to Date Him Jeffree Star defended himself from accusations that his relationship comes with a price tag, less than a year after. Jeffree Star's boyfriend is rumored to be basketball player Andre Marhold. Andre was born in Charlotte, North Carolina on August 6, 1990, and stands at a whopping six-foot-six-inches. Andre. Most recently, Jeffree and Andre were spotted enjoying a day trip away in the California wilderness, so it seems the new couple is unbothered by the feud. Jeffree Star's Dating History Proves He. Jozea Flores Age, Net Worth: Jeffree Star New Boyfriend. Bhishu Acharya. June 13, 2021. Jozea Flores is a reality star who is known for Big Brother 18. He recently made it to the headlines of the news as he seems to be dating famous makeup artist Jeffree Star. His girlfriend Jeffree Star is a very popular makeup artist and makeup guru Jeffree Star cuddles up to unknown male in Twitter photo, sparks rumours about new boyfriend Jeffree Star took to Twitter this week, surprising fans with what seems to be a boyfriend reveal. Star tweeted a photo of himself and an unknown male cuddling up together

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S o, the news is finally out and Jeffree Star's new boyfriend and mystery guy is none other than hot basketball player 'Andre Marhold'. Jeffree shared a picture on his Instagram before leaving for his ranch in Wyoming. And Andre's ex-girlfriend 'Lauren' just took to her twitter and expressed her thoughts about her ex-boyfriend Andre Marhold Jeffree Star accused live-in boyfriend, Andre Marhold, of robbing him of designer handbags in a new Instagram video.. The YouTube star claimed in since-deleted videos on his Instagram Story that. -Jeffree accuses his new boyfriend of stealing and posts stories to IG/Snap about it-the other day, Insider published an article of Jeffree Star threatening a homeless boy with a taser in 2009 then forcing him to have oral with him after giving him Ambien. There are three other victims as well. He allegedly paid everyone hush money

Jeffree Star Addresses Wyoming Move & Kanye West Dating Rumors. A 90 Day Story' Star Aryanna on Boyfriend Sherlon Working at a Swingers Resort A New Legacy' Star LeBron James Says the. Jeffree Star, Andre Marhold. The YouTuber's new relationship announcement comes less than a year after he and longtime boyfriend Nathan Schwandt went their separate ways. In a YouTube video.

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Jozea Rose/New Boyfriend Does Jeffree Star's Makeup. So our Star guy planned on surprising his new boyfriend on their very first official date (to Malibu beach) by asking Jozea to do his makeup. He further added that Jozea has been into the beauty world. And he is a man of many talents which includes hosting tv shows, modeling, fitness. The official online store for all things Jeffree Star Cosmetics, Inc. Free Domestic Shipping on orders over $125. Free Domestic Shipping on orders over $125. Shop Summer Essentials Gift Cards Giveaway. My Account Contact Us Store Locator. Search Search submit. Menu toggle. Toggle Cart (0) SEARCH FOR: Close search Jeffree Star life history once again becomes a point of contention on social media. YouTube star and makeup cosmetic entrepreneur implicated his significant other; basketball player Andre Marhold for robbing his things along with his new social media posts. However, Jeffree Star's boyfriend reportedly robbed him Jeffree Star's recent tweets about his relationship with Andre Marhold. Jeffree flew out to Wyoming with his team and new boyfriend Andre Marhold to celebrate the launch of 'Or*y' collection. Moreover, Jeffree shared a lot of stories from the trip on social media. And he also referred to a few accusations regarding his and Andre's. Amid the ongoing criticism of Jeffree Star for his past racist remarks and controversial actions, he revealed that he's in a new relationship just five months after 2.7K SHARES Share on Faceboo

Months after splitting from long-term boyfriend Nathan Schwandt, Jeffree Star has moved on to basketball player Andre Marhold. The 6'7″, heavily tattooed athlete went public with Star on Instagram August 22, with the beauty influencer posting a picture of himself on Marhold's lap, blocking his new beau's face Jeffree Star recently went public with his latest relationship on social media. While the identity of the beauty guru's new flame was not known at first, it was later revealed that his rumored boyfriend is basketball player Andre Marhold, who is playing for a team in Germany. After his identity was disclosed, more drama surfaced

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RELATED: Who Is Jeffree Star's Boyfriend? 12 New Details To Know About Nathan Schwandt Well, let's start with how the two met. In a series of videos, Star and Schwandt explained the evolution of. Andre Marhold. Jeffree Star Relationship Andre Marhold reportedly kicked off in August 2020, when the former posted his photo on Marhold's lap. Like most things related to Jeffree Star, this short-lived relationship was engrossed in the drama. Shortly after being released with his new boyfriend, Marhold's alleged ex-girlfriend took him to Twitter to blame the couple Jeffree Star hasn't yet confirmed or denied Daniel to be his new boyfriend, but he had some things to say on Instagram about the crash. After leaving the hospital, Star told fans he had a hard time seeing his car go, but Rolls' rebar may have saved him and Daniel's lives YouTube personality Jeffree Star claims that new boyfriend Andre Marhold has robbed him and hasn't returned any of his calls. In a screenshot captured by Hip Magazine on Wednesday, 34-year-old.

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Jeffree Star posted selfies with her new basketball star boyfriend. Picture: Instagram It didn't take long before the makeup mogul made headlines and became a trending topic on Twitter after. Jeffree Star posted a steamy new snap with a basketball star who may be his new boyfriend In the picture the man is faceless, but his arm tattoos are visible - leading some online to speculate. Jeffree Star involved in a car accident. On April 16, the news of his accident was confirmed. The tweet read: A few hours ago Jeffree and Daniel were in a severe car accident and the car. New photo emerges of Jeffree Star's boyfriend Not much was said or heard about Flores after the video. But on Monday, Star released an image of himself straddling a mystery man, presumed to be. Jeffree Star has been in the middle of an online spat after going Instagram official with his new boyfriend Andre Marhold. Basketball star Andre's exes have taken to social media to speak out.

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Oct 13, 2020. Makeup guru Jeffree Star is now saying that the claims made about him by his ex-boyfriend, Andre Marhold, were false. The pair had a bitter public breakup with Jeffree accusing Andre of stealing from him via social media. Andre then responded, and accused Jeffree of calling him racist names and paying him $10,000 to pretend to be. Before Nathan, Jeffree dated fellow YouTube star Chris Crocker. The former couple were together from 2005 to 2009. Chris shot to fame from his viral Leave Britney Alone! video in 2007 A third echoed similar words: Not people crying that the internet outed jeffree star's new pay-rolled companion aka boyfriend. please. jeffree uploaded a photo of his visible sleeve tattoo to 15 MILLION people and they then made the connection. the only person who outed him was jeffree Jeffree Star is making headlines yet again as the YouTuber appears to be in a new relationship. Jeffree Star has a new boyfriend just five months after his split from long time partner Nathan Schwandt. Jeffree Star had been teasing his new relationship with a mystery man, on his Instagram stories since past few days

Jeffree Star is hitting back at claims that he pays his new boyfriend to date him. This past weekend, the beauty vlogger sent fans into a verifiable frenzy thanks to a suggestive photo of himself and his new beau. And though Star never revealed the identity of his mystery man, that didn't stop the internet from weighing in on their relationship. Jeffree Star's New Boyfriend Makeup Artist Jeffree Star Drags Kylie Jenner's Cheap A** Lip Kit Line! No Full Lips For You. Click to comment. You must be logged in to post a comment Login . Leave a Reply Cancel reply. You must be logged in to post a comment. Entertainmen AceShowbiz - Jeffree Star is bidding goodbye to his single life. The beauty guru has gotten a lot of people talking after he took to Instagram over the weekend to confirm that he has found a new. Jeffree captioned the post Thankful for all the blessings God has brought into my life this year. Jeffree previously split from longtime boyfriend Nathan Schwandt five months ago. Did Fans Correctly Identify Jeffree Star's New Secret Boyfriend? It didn't take long for people the speculate who this mystery man could be

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Being Jeffree Star's boyfriend, Nathan has captured the curiosity of the pop culture world. Fans want to know everything they can about the skateboarding, windsurfing, Star Wars-loving, designer-wearing man who stole Jeffree Star's heart. Check out these 22 little-known details about Jeffree Star's boyfriend, Nathan Schwandt Jeffree Star / YouTube. YouTuber and beauty mogul Jeffree Star owns an impressive collection of cars.. He wanted to surprise his boyfriend Nate Schwandt with a new lime green Aston Martin Vantage. He told Schwandt he had sold their Bentley — Schwandt's favorite car In August, Jeffree Star posted a snap cradling basketball star Andre Marhold The picture sent social media into a spin.It was clear that the YouTuber's new boyfriend was black. Star has been involved with some serious racist controversy in the past Jeffree Star addressed the rumors in a new vlog on January 7, in which he's mostly just surprised at the whole thing. I'm single, I'm not sleeping with anyone, this is so weird, he said Jeffree Star Insists He's Not Paying Basketball Player to Date Him Rose McGowan Accuses Alyssa Milano of Making Charmed Toxic AF Carole Baskin, Chrishell Stause and More In Talks For DWTS. The YouTuber's new relationship announcement comes less than a year after he and longtime boyfriend Nathan Schwandt went their separate ways

From Seventeen. Hi, ya'll! Welcome back to yet another installment of There's Mad Drama Going Down On Jeffree Star's Twitter.Today, Jeffree is addressing rumors that his new boyfriend Andre Marhold is actually married. Yep, it's a LOT. The rumors have been circulating on Twitter ever since Jeffree first made their relationship public, early last week.It's unclear where the speculation started. Jeffree's possible new boyfriend is basketball player Andre Marhold, who is a 6-foot-6 athlete from Charlotte, North Carolina. After playing basketball at the Pittsburgh-based school Duquesne University, Andre moved his career to Europe, where he has played for teams in Austria and Germany. Jeffree Star Claps Back At Claims He's Paying His. Jeffree Star accused live-in boyfriend, Andre Marhold, of robbing him of designer handbags in a new Instagram video. The YouTube star claimed in since-deleted videos on his Instagram Story that. Since then, Jeffree spilled the real tea on the split, while Nate was rumoured to be dating someone else. Now, over half a year since they announced their break up, Jeffree has gone public with a new boyfriend. Sharing a photo of him sat on a ~mysterious~ man's lap, the YouTuber wrote to his 14.7million followers, Thankful for all the blessings God has brought into my life this year . Just after Morphe makeup cut ties with Jeffree Star for his racist past, the Youtuber pops up with basketball player Andre Mardhold who happens to be a Black man on his Instagram timeline and in his Story. After the picture went viral, some things came to light about Andre. Even before Andre was identified, social media users speculated that he was hiring a person of color to pretend to be his.

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  1. Jeffree Star boyfriend Nathan Schwandt is quite an achieved individual. Jeffre may have started as a pop sensation but he has quickly risen to become a celebrated makeup mogul and guru not to mention, an exceptional style icon with numerous followers
  2. Makeup guru and YouTube celebrity Jeffree Star announced some sad news to his fans: He and boyfriend Nathan Schwandt have called it quits
  3. g, when the crash occurred early Friday.
  4. The Naked Truth of Jeffree Star's Ex-Boyfriend Nathan Schwandt. Nathan Schwandt is an Instagram model who rose to fame for his controversial relationship with the make-up guru and YouTube star, Jeffree Star. He is also an aspiring entrepreneur with interests in his own marijuana company, as well as Jeffree Star Cosmetics, a company that he.
  5. 4/10/20 12:00 pm. 1. Beauty YouTuber, Jeffree Star, was allegedly robbed by his new boyfriend. Buckle up, beauty buffs — this one is a real doozy. First, some context: Star has been dating.
  6. My husband did my makeup today using Jeffree Star cosmetics palette. It came out exactly like the well known youtuber. Great tutorial for anyone who wants to..

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  1. Inside The Drama Surrounding Jeffree Star's New Boyfriend André Marhold. Star is now dating basketballer André Marhold. 26 August 2020. 26 August 2020. Jeffree Star is off the market and.
  2. Jeffree Star's new relationship started off on shaky grounds. After not heeding the public's warnings about his new beau, the problematic makeup mogul learned the hard way that you can never win when you play dirty. 'His boyfriend really said get that bread that head then leave,' tweeted one
  3. Jeffree Star's New Mega-Mansion Is $14.6 Million of Luxury: Go Inside Jeffree Star and boyfriend Nathan Schwandt are upgrading from their $4 million home to an even bigger $14.6 million home in.
  4. YouTube personality Jeffree Star claims that new boyfriend Andre Marhold has robbed him and hasn't returned any of his calls. In a screenshot captured by Hip Magazine on Wednesday, 34-year-old Star allegedly made the accusation on one of Marhold's posts, writing, Hey! Since you can't answer the phone right now, can you give me all the stuff back you stole from my house?
  5. Cosmetic CEO and beauty influencer Jeffree Star, and boyfriend Nathan Schwandt, have been together for over three years now. If you've ever watched Jeffree's channel on YouTube or follow the two.
  6. Jeffree Star announced his break up with longtime boyfriend Nathan Schwandt and revealed family tried to sell the story first Kat Tenbarge 2020-01-11T17:53:00
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Jeffree Star and Andre Marhold's month-long relationship has come to an end. But, in true Jeffree Star fashion, the drama continues in an online feud. Star accused Marhold of stealing Louis Vuitton bags in an Instagram story where he belittled Marhold for having no money and no life. Meanwhile, accounts claiming to be Marhold threatened to. YouTuber Jeffree Star went public with a new mystery man. Twitter is accusing Jeffree of paying his new boyfriend to date him, and he's not here for it. YouTuber Jeffree Star—who was recently dropped by Morphe amid ongoing allegations of racist behavior —is currently dating a mystery man and recently went public with the. Jeffree Star Confirms Split With Boyfriend Nathan Schwandt. The breakup rumors are true...Jeffree & Nate officially call it quits after 5 years together. Get the details from Jeffree's new video.

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Jeffree Star has set the social media world afire once again — and it all has to do with his super-checkered past on social issues AND a new mystery man!. On Saturday, the makeup guru posted a. 13.5m Followers, 143 Following, 6,089 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Jeffree Star (@jeffreestar

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