Draw the labelled diagram of mitochondria

Draw a well labelled diagram of structure of mitochondrion. OR Draw a well labelled diagram of mitochondria. asked Nov 19, 2020 in Biology by Saavya (51.8k points) cell unit of life; class-11; 0 votes. 1 answer. Draw a neat labelled diagram of mitochondria. asked Feb 8, 2020 in Biology by Ritik01 (48.1k points Draw a labelled diagram of mitochondria write the function of mitochondria . 2 See answers zahaansajid zahaansajid Mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell ; It is a semi-autonomous cell organelle as it has its own protein and DNA ; It's matrix has enzymes related to respiration

#mitochondria #biologydiagram #cellbiologyA beautiful drawing of a Mitochondria . And it will teach you draw Mitochondria very easily. Watch the video and p.. Here you are! We collected 36+ Mitochondria Drawing paintings in our online museum of paintings - PaintingValley.com. ADVERTISEMENT. LIMITED OFFER: Get 10 free Shutterstock images - PICK10FREE. mitochondria. diagram. mitochondrion. cell. structure

Draw a labelled diagram of mitochondria

  1. Hello Everyone.Structure Of Mitochondria || How To Draw And Label Mitochondria || Biology Structure Of Mitochondria, How To Draw And Label Mitochondria, Biol..
  2. This will also help you to draw the structure and diagram of mitochondria. 1. Mitochondria are commonly called the Power house of the cell. 2. Benda (1897) was the first to coin the term mitochondrion. 3. Usually, mitochondria are 0.5 to 1 n in diameter and 3-6n in length
  3. The mitochondrion is a double-membraned, rod-shaped structure found in both plant and animal cell. Its size ranges from 0.5 to 1.0 micrometre in diameter. The structure comprises an outer membrane, an inner membrane, and a gel-like material called the matrix. The outer membrane and the inner membrane are made of proteins and phospholipid layers.
  4. Mar 31, 2019 - #mitochondria #biologydiagram #cellbiologyA beautiful drawing of a Mitochondria . And it will teach you draw Mitochondria very easily. Watch the video and p..
  5. Mitochondria contain its own Ribosome, therefore, it can synthesis its own proteins but majorly they are encoded by nucleus only (99%). Structure of Mitochondria. Mitochondria are made up of following structures which play an essential role in all the processes taking place inside mitochondria
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A well-labelled diagram of mitochondria is given below for your better understanding of the structure. Labelled Diagram of a Mitochondrion. Image will be updates soon. Characteristics of the Mitochondrial DNA/ Genome: The mitochondrial DNA is circular and is made up of 16,569 DNA base pairs Draw labelled diagram and describe the structure and function of a mitochondrion. asked Feb 8, 2020 in Biology by Ritik01 ( 48.1k points) respiration in plant Mitochondria diagram explaining the structure of mitochondria structure of mitochondria the mitochondrion is a double membraned rod shaped structure found in both plant and animal cell. The four nadh molecules are later converted in the mitochondria into four atp molecules. How to draw simple border design. Label the diagram to complete the model Diagram of a mitochondrion. ADD TO COLLECTION. Add to new collection. CANCEL. Tweet. Rights: University of Waikato Published 20 July 2009 Size: 28 KB Referencing Hub media. Diagram of a mitochondrion showing the inner and outer membranes, and the folded cristae

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Ii chloroplast is found in plant cell which helps in photosynthesis in plants. Draw a diagram of a prokaryotic cell and label at least four parts in it. It is a specialized matrix that covers the surface of the plant cell. Label the following parts in the diagram cell wall nucleus chloroplast mitochondria 10222773 Draw a Diagram of the Microscopic Structure of Human Sperm. Label the Following Parts in It and Write Their Functions . CBSE CBSE (Science) Class 12 Function of Middle piece-The middle piece contains several mitochondria, which produce energy for the motility of the sperm Choose from 174 different sets of termdrawlabel the mitochondria and its parts flashcards on quizlet. Draw and label a mitochondria. Hundreds of thousands of mitochondria occur in cells. This will also help you to draw the structure and diagram of mitochondria. Learn termdrawlabel the mitochondria and its parts with free interactive flashcards Endoplasmic Reticulum Diagram. Endoplasmic Reticulum (ER) is the tubular membrane inside the cytoplasm of the cell. Also, ribosomes cover their surface. Besides, the ER has both smooth and rough surface. In addition, they help in the transportation process. Transportation of food material, water and minerals in the body of a living organism Click hereto get an answer to your question ️ Draw a neat labelled diagram of a chloroplast. Join / Login. biology. Draw a neat labelled diagram of a chloroplast. Answer. Answer verified by Toppr . Upvote (0) Was this answer helpful? Get Instant Solutions, 24x7. No Signup required

Mitochondria Drawing at PaintingValley

A Labelled Diagram Of Mitochondria With Detailed Explanation Draw A Labelled Diagram Of Mitochondria Write The Functions Of Biology4kids Com Cell Structure Mitochondria Difference Between Mitochondria And Chloroplast With Comparison How To Draw Mitochondria Youtub Draw a neat diagram of mitochondria & label the following parts. (A) Inner membrane (B) Outer membrane (C) Cristae (D) Oxysome 1 See answer fhiyui2175 is waiting for your help. Add your answer and earn points.. Diagram of chloroplast and mitochondria. What are the characteristics of these two organelles state their functions and draw labelled diagrams both ncert solution class 11 biology simple diagram of the structure a chloroplast figure 1 hypothetical retrograde signals produced by mitochondria and chloroplasts T. vaginalis lacks a traditional mitochondria, like all other Excavates. In place of a true mitochondria, there is a reduced form known as a hydrogenosome. Hydrogen gas is a by-product of the hydrogenosomes. Reproduction and Life Cycle T. vaginalis reproduces asexually through longitudinal fission. The trophozoites (adults) then live in the.

Structure. In a plant cell, the cell wall is made up of cellulose, hemicellulose, and proteins while in a fungal cell, it is composed of chitin. A cell wall is multilayered with a middle lamina, a primary cell wall, and a secondary cell wall. Middle lamina contains polysaccharides that provide adhesion and allows binding of the cells to one. Draw and label a diagram of a motor unit. Terms to know: dendrite cell body (soma) nucleus axon motor end plate synapse. Neuromuscular Function Draw and label a diagram of a motor unit. *less mitochondria *uses both anaerobic and aerobic energy transfer Type IIB: *similar physical characteristics as Type IIA, but strictly uses the glycolyti

The mitochondria (plural mitochondria) is a membrane bound structure found in both eukaryotic plant and animal cells. The primary function of mitochondria is to provide the energy required for various cellular activities, most significantly the formulation of energy Draw a neat labelled diagram of mitochondria and explain the structure. 31. The activity of an enzyme can be affected by a change in the conditions like Temperature and concentration of substrate. Explain this with suitable graphical representations. 32. Schematically represent the Z scheme of light reaction How to draw the diagram of mitochondria easy steps by step for beginners duration. The game ends when you get all 9 questions correct or when you give up published. Biology4kids Com Cell Structure Chloroplasts How to draw and label mitochondria youtube. Draw and label mitochondria. Eukaryote cells meaning animal cells more advanced organisms. Draw and label a mitochondria. How to draw the diagram of mitochondria easy steps by step for beginners duration. How to draw and label mitochondria duration. For more such videos visit. Label the matrix cristae inner membrane outer membrane and intermembrane space. It has two membranes an inner folded membrane cristae surrounded by a

Mitochondria are mobile, plastic organelles that have a double-membrane structure. It ranges from 0.5 to 1.0 micrometer in diameter. It has four distinct domains: the outer membrane, the inner membrane, the intermembrane space, and the matrix. The organelle is enclosed by two membranes—a smooth outer membrane and a markedly folded or tubular. Mitochondria are double membrane-bound cell organelles with a typical size of 0.75-3 μm². They are found in most mammalian cells, with notable exceptions including mature erythrocytes. Classically referred to as the 'powerhouse of the cell', they are the site of the majority of ATP synthesis and are therefore exceptionally important to function both microscopically and macroscopically.In. Oxidative Phosphorylation of Mitochondrion (With Diagram) Linkage of phosphorylation to oxidative metabolism was first proposed in the 1930s. The first evidence was the observation that phosphate was removed from the medium when TCA cycle intermediates were me­tabolized by cells. Subsequently, it was shown that the disappearance of inorganic. Draw a labeled diagram of a palisade cell from the leaf mesophyll. Describe the function of the following structures in a palisade mesophyll cell: cell wall, plasma membrane, chloroplasts, vacuole, nucleus, and mitochondria Inner membrane has infoldings. Draw and label a mitochondrion surrounded by cytoplasm. Mitochondrion is a rod like cytoplasmic organelle which is the main site of cellular respiration. Draw and label a diagram of the ultrastructure of an exocrine pancreatic cell. Rough endoplasmic reticulum stacked tubules with small circles on outer surfaces

A labeled diagram of the animal cell and its organelles. 313 × 240 pixels | 625 × 480 pixels How to draw simple border design. Mitochondria diagram explaining the structure of mitochondria structure of mitochondria the mitochondrion is a double membraned rod shaped structure found in both plant and animal cell.Name on february 24. 16M.2.HL.TZ0.7a: Draw a labelled diagram of a eukaryotic plant cell as seen in an electron micrograph. 16N.2.SL.TZ0.2a: The image is an electron micrograph. Determine, with a reason, whether the image is of a.. Mitochondria have two membranes, an outer membrane and an inner membrane. These membranes are made of phospholipid layers, just like the cell's outer membrane. The outer membrane covers the surface of the mitochondrion, while the inner membrane is located within and has many folds called cristae.The folds increase surface area of the membrane, which is important because the inner membrane. Draw a labelled diagram of mitochondria. Write the functions g mitochondria. View Solution play_arrow; question_answer170) What is active transport? Differentiate between active and passive transport. View Solution play_arrow; question_answer171) If cells of onion peel and RBC are separately kept in hypotonic solution, what will happen to each.

Functions of Mitochondria. The most important function of the mitochondria is to produce energy. The simpler molecules of nutrition are sent to the mitochondria to be processed and to produce charged molecules. These charged molecules combine with oxygen and produce ATP molecules. This process is known as oxidative phosphorylation Draw a labelled diagram of a neuron. and explain It also... Draw a labelled diagram of a neuron. and explain It also. Please enter comments mitochondria and other organelles. Axon transmits the message away from the cell body and pass it to the the next receiving neuron. diagram in attachment. hope it is useful for you. 1 votes Thanks 2. Plant Cell: The Plant Cell is the basic structural and functional unit found in the members of the kingdom Plantae. On this page, we will learn about what is a plant cell, definition, structure, model, labeled plant cell diagram, its cell organelles and the difference between plant cell and animal cell State their functions and draw labelled diagrams of both. Answer. Mitochondria and chloroplasts are the two organelles that are double-membrane-bound. Characteristics of Mitochondria are: → The mitochondria are sausage-shaped or cylindrical having a diameter of 0.2-1.0 µm and average 0.5 µm and length 1.0-4.1 µm

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Dna unique to the mitochondria which is not housed in the nucl correct rib and its articulation with thoracic vertebrae figure 924 draw a ph scale and label acid base a draw the structure of water label the explain the following unique properties adhesion Figure 2: Drawing of the base of the aorta showing the aortic (semilunar) valve through which blood leaves the left ventricle of a mammalian heart. (Note the fibrous swelling at the middle of the cusps may not be present in some mammalian hearts.) This is a good biological drawing, fully labelled, and clearly showing detail from the dissection Draw a labeled diagram showing the structure of the plasma membrane-Phospholipid bilayer:-Hydrophilic heads-hydrophobic tails-Glycoprotein(with sugar groups), protein channels Draw and label a mitochondria as seen in an Electron Microscope. Award 1 mark for each of the following structures clearly drawn and labelled correctl Draw a labelled diagram of a prokaryotic cell as seen in electron micrographs. (Total 6 marks) 7. Describe passive transport across a biological membrane. (Total 5 marks) 8. Compare, with the aid of a diagram, the structure of generalised prokaryotic and eukaryotic animal cells. (Total 8 marks

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  1. A Well Labeled Diagram Of Mitochondria A2znotes Com How To Draw The Mitochondria Youtube Mitochondria Pictures With Labels Mitochondria Labelled Diagram Difference Between Mitochondria And Chloroplast With Comparison Ncert Solutions For Class 11 Biology Cell The Unit Of Life Why Is Mitochondria Called Semi Autonomous Quora.
  2. Mitochondria vary in number and location according to cell type. For instance, red blood cells have no mitochondria. Numerous mitochondria are found in human liver cells, with about 1000-2000 mitochondria per cell, making up 1/5 of the cell volume. A single mitochondrion is often found in unicellular organisms
  3. Plant Cell Diagram Mitochondria. Mitochondria are commonly called the Power house of the cell. Mitochondria - Turning on the Powerhouse Mitochondria are known as the powerhouses of the cell. A bacteria diagram clearly helps us to learn more approximately this unmarried cell organisms which have neither membrane-bounded nucleolus or organelles like mitochondria and chloroplasts. They [
  4. 1. Draw rod-shaped ovals for the mitochondria. The mitochondria are the powerhouses of the cell. Draw them by making two or three large, rod-shaped ovals in the cell but outside the nucleus. Each mitochondrion (singular) should contain an enclosed shape with many ridges and switchback lines
  5. The mitochondria are referred to as a powerhouse because it's the only cell organelle that can make energy in a form the cell can use to run various cell activities (1 example is active Transport, the movement of substances across a membrane against its concentration gradient) So this is why Mitochondria is called the powerhouse of the cell
  6. Why is mitochondria responsible for maternal inheritance? Why do the inner membrane of mitochondria have more carrier proteins than outer membrane? What is the aqueous fluid present in between the 2 membranes of mitochondria? 1.Name he different types of chloroplast. 2.Why is nucleolus not bound by any membrane
  7. 5 marks questions : 1.Describe the cell and its structure. 2.Draw a labeled diagram of prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells and differentiate between them. 3.Draw a labeled diagram of mitochondria. Write the functions of mitochondria. 4.Write notes on each of the main cell organelles. 5.Name the three major functional regions of calls

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  1. Each organelle needs to be clearly labelled and with each label you need to add a description of the function of that particular organelle. You also need to make an accompanying drawing (at least the size of an A4 page) including the labels of the structure of a basic plant and animal cell. Your teacher will assess your model according to a rubric
  2. For example, in this drawing, the mitochondria should not be nearly as big as the nucleus or permanent vacuole. Next, make the background of your diagram transparent so each part shows up clearly. To show the difference between parts in the drawing or to emphasize certain parts, you can make their borders thicker, so that they stand out
  3. The cytoplasm of prokaryotic cells lacks in well defined cell organelles such as endoplasmic reticulum, Golgi apparatus, Mitochondria,centrioles, nucleoli, cytoskeleton. The size of these cells range between 1 micrometre to 3 micrometres, so they are barely visible under the light microscope. Now let's moveon to diagram. 1.Draw a capsule shap
  4. 2)There is a large floating nucleus in the cytoplasm.The nucleus contain a tiny round structure called nucleolus and a fibrous material called chromatin.It is surrounded by nuclear membrane. 3)There are a number of small bodies called mitochondria in a cell.The function of mitochondria is to carry out respiration for releasing energy from food

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  1. 2. Mitochondria Structure & Function . Known as the powerhouse of the cell, mitochondria are kind of like the digestive system, taking in nutrients and breaking them down to give the cell energy. Mitochondria help take energy from sugar or glucose and convert it into a simpler form called ATP that the cell can more easily use
  2. iferous tubule (six parts to be labelled).[Delhi 2014,2010] Ans.Spermatogenesis is production of sperms in males. (i) In testis, the immature male germ cells (spermatogonia) produce sperms by spermatogenesis that begins at puberty
  3. Chloroplasts and mitochondria are organelles which have double membrane . Mitochondria - is called the power house of the cell as it produces cellular energy in the form of ATP. It is bounded by two membrane, the inner membrane forms inner foldings called cristae. The matrix has a single circular DNA molecule. Chloroplasts - are also double membrane bound organelles which help to trap the.
  4. Draw A Neat And Labelled Diagram Of Chloroplast What Are Mitochondria And Chloroplasts Article Khan Academy Plant Chloroplast Chemical Biology Vector Illustration Chloroplast Diagram Structure And Function Of Chloroplast Chloroplast Wikipedia Chloroplasts Bioninja 8 2 Applications And Skills 8 2 2 Perspectives On.

How to draw and label a chloroplast. A beautiful drawing of a chloroplast . And it will teach you draw Chloroplast very easily. Watch the video and please be kind enough to thumbs up my videos. adimushow. A. adimushow. science diagrams. Biology Drawing The atp molecule is composed of three components. Each of the three components of the molecule should be a different color and each part should be clearly labeled. Solved 1 Draw And Label An Atp Molecule Using Your Draw Label each part of the diagram of an atp molecule below. Draw and label an atp molecule. Adenine and ribose combine to form. Draw a neat labelled diagram of mitochondria. Draw a neat labelled diagram of power house cell what is the. Mitochondria produce the molecule adenosine triphosphate atp one of the cells energy currencies that provide the energy to drive a host of cellular reactions and mechanisms. They make most of the cells supply of adenosine triphosphate a. 1. Draw and label the mitochondria. - Hundreds of thousands of mitochondria occur in cells. It has two membranes, an inner folded membrane (cristae) surrounded by a smooth outer membrane. - Inner and outer compartments formed by the membranes are important in energy transformations. - Mitochondria have their own DNA and some ribosomes, a fact which points to the possibility that they were once. Plant Cell Diagram Mitochondria. This basic structure of a plant cell is shown below - the same plant cell, as viewed with the light microscope, and with the transmission electron microscope. It is easier to describe these parts by using diagrams: Animal cells and plant cells also contain tiny objects called mitochondria in their cytoplasm

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Anatomy of mitochondria. Mitochondria have a double membrane structure and contain many substructures including enzymes ribosomes and mitochondrial dna mtdna. To date only one eukaryote monocercomonoides is known to have completely lost its mitochondria. Mitochondria have two membranes an outer membrane and an inner Chart and Diagram Slides for PowerPoint - Beautifully designed chart and diagram s for PowerPoint with visually stunning graphics and animation effects. Our new CrystalGraphics Chart and Diagram Slides for PowerPoint is a collection of over 1000 impressively designed data-driven chart and editable diagram s guaranteed to impress any audience Structure of Mitochondria . The cytoplasm of nearly all eukaryotic cells contain mitochondria, although there is at least one exception, the protist Chaos (Pelomyxa) carolinensis.They are especially abundant in cells and parts of cells that are associated with active processes 1. Draw and label a diagram that shows the organization of the glycolysis, Kreb's Cycle, and oxidative phosphorylation within the cell. 2. Draw and label a diagram that shows a mitochondria, including components of the electron transport chain, NADH and FADHz entering the electron transport chain, where protons are being pumped (and how many), how protons are entering the mitochondrial matrix.

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  1. Structure of Mitochondria. Mitochondria are composed of two membranes; both are phospholipid bilayers like the membrane around the cell. The outer membrane is a selectively permeable membrane that.
  2. Mitochondria Diagram Unlabeled. mitochondrion the mitochondrion plural mitochondria mitochondrion ultrastructure interactive diagram a mitochondrion has a double membrane printable animal cell diagram - labeled unlabeled and blank printable animal cell diagram to help you learn the organelles in an animal cell in preparation for your test or quiz 5th grade science and biolog
  3. Jan 22, 2018 - Step by step tutorials on drawing biology diagrams. Jan 22, 2018 - Step by step tutorials on drawing biology diagrams. Pinterest. Today. Explore. When the auto-complete results are available, use the up and down arrows to review and Enter to select. Touch device users can explore by touch or with swipe gestures
  4. Mitochondrion Definition. The mitochondrion (plural mitochondria) is a membrane-bound organelle found in the cytoplasm of eukaryotic cells. It is the power house of the cell; it is responsible for cellular respiration and production of (most) ATP in the cell. Each cell can have from one to thousands of mitochondria. Mitochondria also contain extranuclear DNA that encodes a number of rRNAs.

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Mitochondria are known as the 'Powerhouse of the cell'. Their immediate function is to convert glucose into ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate). ATP can be considered the 'currency' of the cell. It is the basic unit of energy that is required to power the chemical reactions in our body. The process of this conversion is known as aerobic respiration and it is the reason why humans need to. 4. Draw the areas proportional to each other. 5. Label lines in pencil and with a ruler. 6. Label lines need to be touch the feature 7. Labels written in pen. 8. State the magnification used. Why is the diagram below a good example of a scientific drawing of a specimen Animal cells. Almost all animals and plants are made up of cells. Animal cells have a basic structure. Below the basic structure is shown in the same animal cell, on the left viewed with the light. Description: ‍In this short tutorial, learn how to effectively and elegantly label your diagrams. Summary: ‍When you're labelling a diagram: make sure your labels are evenly spaced (0:22) and use parallel label lines with a dot (0:37).Effective label lines create elegantly labelled figures, like anatomy of the brain (3:25). ‍ Meet the expert: ‍Shiz Aoki, CEO and co-founder of.

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VIII A& B, Science, Cell :Structure and Functions. Diagnostic Test through Google forms. *Draw the classification chart of Organisms. Activities were conducted through olabs. To prepare a temporary slide of cheek cells. HW: Write the above two activities in your journal Given a micrograph, draw and label the ultrastructure of a eukaryotic cell. The diagram above shows a animal cell like a liver cell which contains many ribosomes, rough endoplasmic reticulum (rER), lysosomes, Golgi apparatus, many mitochondria and the nucleus

Student Worksheet Comparing Chloroplasts and Mitochondria LSM Criteria Mitochondria Chloroplasts Diagrams Structural comparisons Overview of metabolic process 3 . Part II: Use Diagram A to help you label Diagram B. Write labels on the lines in Diagram B. Diagram A Diagram B Part III: Label numbers 1, 2, and 3 in the diagram below Like most organelles, they're surrounded by a lipid bilayer. But the mitochondria actually have two membranes (an inner and outer membrane). The inner membrane is closely folded in on itself for more surface area, which gives each mitochondrion more space to carry out chemical reactions and produce more fuel for the cell 23. 11.2.5 Draw the structure of skeletal muscle fibers as seen in electron micrographs include & label -sarcomere -dark bands -light bands -sarcoplasm -endoplasmic reticulum -mitochondria 24. renal pelvis12.2.1 Draw the structure of the kidney Include -cortex -medulla -renal pelvis -ureter -renal blood vessel Draw and label a cell with the following organelles: mitochondria, smooth and rough endoplasmic reticulum, and the Golgi apparatus, among others. The nucleus is the large round structure. Cell Structure and Function Assignment. Project Due - Tuesday, June 28. Instructions: Draw and color EACH CELL or CELL ORGANELLE on a separate sheet of unlined paper. BE SURE TO CENTER YOUR DRAWING ON THE PAGE! At the top of each page, CENTER and WRITE THE NAME of the cell or organelle that you are drawing. LABEL all parts of the cell and/or.

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Structure and function of the mitochondrion. Mitochondria contain two phospholipid bilayers: there is an outer membrane, and an inner membrane. The inner membrane contains many folds called cristae which contain specialised membrane proteins that enable the mitochondria to synthesise ATP. Inside the inner membrane is a jelly-like matrix Mitochondria . Mitochondria are round tube-like organelles that provide energy to a cell in the form of ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate) for performing different chemical activities for the sustainance of life. Fig. Structure of mitochondria. The mitochondria is also called powerhouse of the cell. It is surrounded by two membranes Diagram Nucleus. How To Draw Amoeba Step By Step For Beginners Draw Amoeba Easily For Beginners. 5th Fifth Grade Worksheets That Are Easy To Draw Out And Do. Nucleus Drawing At Paintingvalley Com Explore Collection. Labeled Parts Of An Atom Diagram Worksheets Contraction

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Mitochondria and chloroplasts. The cytoskeleton. This is the currently selected item. far off in terms of scale in fact I'd probably want to draw it even thinner and that's why you often won't see in these diagrams because you'd have to draw it you would have to draw it so thin the diameter of one of these filaments is one is roughly or to. Electron Transport Chain Steps Explained with Diagram. The electron transport chain is an essential metabolic pathway that produces energy by carrying out a series of redox reactions. This BiologyWise article provides a simple explanation of this pathway Abundant mitochondria, which produce visible basal striations; mitochondria support the energetic requirements of the sodium-potassium pump, which plays a key role in resorption of water and nutrients from the PCT. Abundance of dark-staining organelles, including the vesicles and mitochondria, give PCT cells a darker hue Human Cell - Properties, Diagram, Parts, Pictures, Structure. The cell is the basic unit of any living organ and it is the organ that replicate on its own determining growth. The cell does not need any other triggering element for its multiplication since it is self contained. Cell was first discovered by Robert Hooke in the year 1665 Smooth Muscle Diagram Labeled - Histology Of Muscle.Smooth muscle, muscle that shows no cross stripes under microscopic magnification. • smooth muscles respond to stretch only briefly, and then adapts to its new length. This page describes smooth muscle development, descriptions of cardiac muscle and smooth muscle development can be found in other notes


i love this diagram. very clear and understanding. prettygirl-rock93 on January 29, 2011: thanks for this diagram it help me a lot.and the most important thing, is i get to see a diagram of the process of photosynthesis. siddhant on January 16, 2011: thnxx a lot for the diagram i really searchd for it a lot! Draw a labelled diagram of a animal cell. Please send your queries to ncerthelp@gmail.com you can aslo visit our facebook page to get quick help. Link of our facebook page is given in sidebar Draw Clear And Neat Diagrams. accurately labelled diagram. nucleus, chromosomes, ribosomes, chloroplast, and mitochondria · Meiosis - Prophase I. Plant physiology · C3, C4 cycl From the quiz author. Mitochondria are the power houses of cells. Eukaryote cells, meaning animal cells (more advanced organisms) are the type of cells that have them, and they need mitochondria to function properly. This quiz has tags. Click on the tags below to find other quizzes on the same subject Chloroplast, structure within the cells of plants and green algae that is the site of photosynthesis. Chloroplasts are a type of plastid that are distinguished by their green color, the result of specialized chlorophyll pigments. In plants, chloroplasts occur in all green tissues

File:Differences between simple animal and plant cells (enEasy way to draw human skeleton | Quickly | Easily | ForLysosomes - 23 June 2011 - BioInformatics Pakistan