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Some of the weirdest things found washed ashore can actually be dangerous. In 2011, nearly 100 World War II era bombs washed up on the beaches of Hampshire, on the southern coast of England. The bombs were believed to have appeared after 70 years in the ocean due to the Supermoon, an event where the moon was uncharacteristically close to. Six thousand birds were found washed up on the shoreline in Ontario, Canada back in 2011. The cause of death was believed to be from a form botulism caused by the birds eating dead fish. It was a very disturbing sight for anyone who witnessed it. Of all of the things ever found on a beach, this was one of the most disturbing ever Unfortunately, washed-up plastic on beaches is far from a strange sight but a bizarre number of worn toothbrushes were found at Genesta Bay in Queensland's Whitsunday Islands The most recent whale spine found washed up on the shore of West Runton Beach, and measured nearly 6 ft long, and was guessed to be a spinal column from a sperm whale. Bones found on beaches are often times taken in for a closer look, where they then appear on display in museums or sea life centers. 18 Giant Squi

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  1. And when things wash ashore there, it's almost certainly going to capture national attention. In 2012, a perfectly-intact, softball-sized eyeball was found on Pompano Beach, just about 10 miles.
  2. Read the list below and tell us what you think about these weird and creepy monsters that have washed ashore on these beaches. 15. A Mass of a Sea Monster. This sea creature washed ashore on the beach all the way back in 1924. They called it Trunko the Organic Mass but we will just call it a Mass of a sea monster
  3. 30 weirdest things that have washed up on beaches around the world. Terschelling, NETHERLANDS: People walk on the Dutch island of Terschelling after thousands of shoes washed on the beach in 2006.
  4. We all love going to the beach anyway, but if you keep your eyes peeled and happen to be in the right place at the right time, some real treasures can be found washed up on the shore! From bizarre objects that people have lost or thrown away, to the carcasses and bones of weird creatures from the deep, people have found all kinds of amazing.
  5. 2. The Unidentified Mass. Some people thought it was a boulder that got washed up on the shore after Tsunami. But when it started to decompose, people got scared because it looked like a sea animal that was never seen before. This creepy object got decomposed within a few days leaving no trace for research. 3
  6. When a deep-sea oarfish measuring 13.5 feet (4 meters) in length washed up on Catalina Island in California on June 1, 2015, it offered scientists the rare opportunity to take a closer look at the.

12 Weird Things That Have Washed Ashore. From human appendages to rubber duckies and a giant eyeball, some very weird things have washed up on the world's shores. 1. A BAG OF SEVERED HUMAN HANDS. The following year he was found on Brighton Beach, U.K.; in 2011 he showed up at Siesta Key Beach, Florida; and in 2012 he appeared on a beach in Los Angeles, California. Ego Leonard always has the message No Real Than You Are printed on his torso—adding a somewhat eerie and grammatically dubious element to an otherwise delightful fellow A Japanese man discovered four backpacks carrying 80 kilograms of cocaine in 2013. In total, the stash was estimated to be worth around 48 million dollars. Wikimedia Commons. 3 of 19. Disembodied Feet. In the last decade alone, 13 disembodied feet have washed up on the shores of British Columbia

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  1. From forgotten belongings on planes to exotic animals in the airport and even unexplainable things washed up on beaches, travelers have come across the strangest things. See for yourself with this list of 25 of the weirdest things people have found while on their travels
  2. Millions of sea creatures washed up on British beaches in March 2018, thanks to high tides and strong winds caused by a hurricane. The most interesting discovery: An enormous (and intact.
  3. Strange Things That Washed Ashore. In early 2005, more than 1,500 giant squid — each around 3 to 4 feet in length — washed ashore, most in Newport Beach, Laguna Beach, and Crystal Cove State.
  4. It was found in Whales, England along the shore! THIS STRANGE LOOKING FISH. We bet this is the strangest fish you must have ever seen! Nothing beats this at all! The strange mouth of the creature is the first clue that this thing isn't normal. The creature's strange shape also makes it seem like an undiscovered creature
  5. Strange Things That Washed Up On Shore at NC Outer Banks. Strange thanks can wash up on shore on the beaches at the Outer Banks. The islands of the Outer Banks extend out into the Atlantic Ocean. About 50 miles off the coast the Gulf Stream waters and the Labrador Current meet

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What if you were taking your evening walk along the beach and came across a giant mysterious creature washed up on the shore? Would that frighten you? What i.. Top 10 Strangest Things To Wash Up On Shore - Bizarre Things That Washed Up on BeachesThe ocean hides many secrets not only because it is under-researched,. Weird things that have washed up on beaches Stars Insider 2/3/2021. but it is rare that manta rays ever wash up on the shore. Weird and wonderful things found in the depths of the ocean A weird-looking 3.5-foot-long fish was found washed up on an Oregon beach on Wednesday—and identified as a rare sighting of an opah. The Seaside Aquarium in the city of Seaside said the fish.

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Where in the world did these things come from? We may never know!Like us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TopTrendingFollow us on Twitter: https://twitt.. Description:I woke up this morning feeling like I really need to take a walk besides the ocean. Sea air is supposed to be good for you, plus beaches are fun. One way or another, though, the stories will have you thinking, Ah, yes, Florida. Here are the ten weirdest things that have washed up on Florida's beaches. Coast Guardsmen unload part of a single.

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  1. You won't believe the strange, weird, bizarre, and scary things found after a tsunami hits! From sea monsters and seafaring artifacts to deep sea buildings. START BY THE LESS STRANGER OF THESE! 5. Buoys. These buoys were just common port objects before the Japanese tsunami of 2011, but on American soil, they look completely out of place
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  3. These creatures were washed up on shore when the waves hit. Although these pictures are genuine images of some rather strange deep-sea creatures, the photographs had nothing to do with a tsunami.
  4. It wouldn't be the first time a fish's body has done strange things during the decomposition process. In February 2017, a hairy blob washed up on a beach in the Philippines , to much fanfare
  5. 15 Pics Of Strange Things Actually Found On The Ocean Floor (10 On Beaches) on the shore of Sandy Hook Bay, just a day after Hurricane Sandy. The fact an eight-foot-tall lego figurine has washed up on any beach, anywhere, is weird enough. The fact such an object has come ashore on beaches on the Netherlands, UK, Florida and Japan, is.

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Weird Objects found Washed up on Shore. The carcass of an odd-looking creature, referred to as the Montauk Monster, has reportedly washed up a Long Island, N.Y., shore. Again. The Montauk. 'Weird' worm-like object found on North Carolina shore has experts puzzled spiny object that washed up on a beach over the weekend and is asking for the public's help. A passerby found. It washed up on the Shackleford Banks at Cape Lookout National Seashore and was found by a passerby, the National Park Service said in a Facebook post. Weird things are found on the beach.

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  1. Strange black 'pouches' washing up on Carolina beaches aren't 'pieces of plastic,' officials say plastic-looking pouches on the shore. the barndoor skate and the winter skate — can.
  2. June 25, 2019. Thousands of small, gelatinous, crystal-clear blobs are washing up on East Coast beaches. Though they're often referred to as jellyfish eggs these weird little creatures are called salps, and they have more in common with people than they do with jellyfish. As you enjoy the warm water today, you may come across some of these.
  3. Apr 10, 2016 - Everything from beautiful beach glass, shells, love letters & old liquor bottles, to the not so appealing finds. See more ideas about old liquor bottles, beachcombing finds, ashore
  4. This mysterious object that was found on the beach in Iceland is not a UFO. This is an acoustic Doppler flow meter: a device that helps to measure the speed of flow in the depths of the ocean. Blob of Yabuchijima YouTube/KU WA. After the 2011 tsunami, this giant white mass was washed up on the shore

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The Indonesian Mega Squid. A mysterious mass washed up on Hulung Beach on Indonesia's Seram Island in May was rumoured to be the corpse of an enormous squid. Amazed locals were pictured flocking. Weird things have washed up on beaches around the world--sometimes from shipwrecks sometimes from tsunami--and we're rounding them up. These are the 10 oddest things to ever wash up on shores. Strange Sea Creatures Keep Washing Up On SoCal Beaches Here's everything to know about the pyrosomes, or sea pickles, found on SoCal shores. By Maggie More • Published July 2, 2021 • Updated.

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  1. 11 really weird things that were washed up on the shore: The ocean hides many secrets not only because it is under-researched but also because it washes things up on beaches that we never expected to see. It's not always seashells and starfish! Bright Side invites you to take a look at the most extraordinary things that were found on the shore
  2. But some of that trash is really weird, leading to some surreal moments during beach cleaning events, or bizarre walks on the beach. Here's hoping in the future the only thing filling our oceans are giant squids, great sharks, and creepy deep-sea creatures. In the meantime, check out this list of weird thing that have washed up on shore
  3. The Secret Life of 'Sea Pork,' The Organ-Like Blobs on Your Beach. aoc-share. This Aplidium stellatum came ashore near Destin, Florida. Rebekah D. Wallace, University of Georgia, Bugwood.org (Used.

A odd-looking sea creature that typically lives in deep ocean waters and rarely seen off Southern California was found washed up at Crystal Cove State Beach. The sharp-toothed, black fish with a. 1 Human Feet in Shoes. One of the shoes found (sans foot) In 2007, a strange thing began happening on the shores of British Columbia - feet encased in running shoes began washing ashore. In total, 11 feet have been found. Although explanations have been floated - the area's currents and the fact that a foot encased in a shoe can detach from. The two unidentified feet found in February 2016 washed up on the shore of Botanical Beach on the West coast of Vancouver Island (adjacent to the Strait of Juan de Fuca). In the U.S., one of these pairs belonged to a woman who jumped from a bridge. Of the two other U.S. feet identified, one foot belonged to a missing fisherman and the other of.

The strange things found by beach clean-up crews on the Texas coast. Police in Galveston recently found 30 bags of cocaine worth $175,000 washed ashore near Galveston Island State Park. Drugs aren. 13 Bizarre Things That Washed Up on Beaches One of its recently documented finds — a lonely mechanical hand with articulated fingers — was spotted on the shore of Great Kills Park Beach. A bizarre -looking fish-like creature with big teeth and no eyes has washed up on a beach in Charleston, South Carolina. The animal was found by Erika Constantine, who was out walking her pooch. The washed up objects were found to carry 289 invasive species from the western Pacific. While most were invertebrates, a few vertebrates survived the journey, including a small number of. But it's the 14th found washed up on a shoreline over the past decade in or around the Salish Sea between Vancouver Island and the British Columbia mainland. ca2hill/iStockphoto/Getty Images

After all, it's not every day one walks along the beach in Florida and discovers a giant lone eyeball washing up on shore. Anyhow, for being justifiably weird, gross and mysterious all at the same time, the story earned the title of National Geographic's weirdest story of twenty twelve. Number eight, the undersea river Mysterious 'Monster' Washes Up on Canadian Shore. Earlier this month two nurses in the town of Kitchenuhmaykoosib in northern Ontario, Canada, found a bizarre creature on a lakeshore while walking. Here's a just a small selection of the weird and wonderful items that have been found on our shores. Shipping container The shipping container has washed up on Gileston Beach near Aberthaw Power.

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Thousands of 'penis fish' washed up on a California beach. By Scottie Andrew, CNN and why'd they end up on shore? and one of the oldest worms ever found was believed to be 25 years old These are the weird, wonderful and grisly things that have washed up on Blackpool beach From a stricken ferry to an unexploded 'bomb', these are the weirdest things that have washed up on beaches. When you walk down the beach, you might collect shells or interesting pebbles, or perhaps a few bones that have washed up on shore. Or if you're having a very strange day, you might find. The weird things that wash up on South Jersey's beaches the shore may be a home away from home, which may explain all the home essentials COA found. a few strange things have been found. Sea cucumbers washed up in the thousands in Huntington Beach on Saturday. (Photo courtesy of Marine Safety Officer Chris Clarke) Some of the jelly pods that washed up on shore along Huntington.

In the continuing saga of weird things washing up on our shore, this little guy was found by a visitor a few weeks ago!... Posted by Padre Island National Seashore on Monday, November 2, 202 Weird stuff washes up on North Carolina's Outer Banks. That same year, beachcombers found dozens of smelly plastic disks about 2 feet in diameter lying in Corolla and Kill Devil Hills They also noted on their Facebook page that, strangely enough, two dead whale sharks have been found in the same spot where the great white washed up. Hopefully the autopsy results shed some light on the mysterious circumstances surrounding the death of this apex predator

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What started it all happened in early 2019 when the first mutilated dead whale washed up onshore. The happening was not very uncommon, the occasional dead whale would wash up on shore once in a while. But the whale carcass, or what was left of the carcass, that washed up in 2019 was different. And much, much, more disturbing. The whale was huge Strange as it may seem, feet washing ashore in British Columbia is not an entirely new phenomenon. In 1887, a knee-high boot with a severed leg inside washed up in Vancouver's False Creek. The.

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Incredible things have a habit of washing ashore on North Carolina's beaches, including long-lost ships and pieces of space rockets. A mysterious metal object washed ashore along in Corolla at the. In 2019, environmentalists finally found the source. A local man knew the secret all along—only it was not a secret to him. After learning that the rest of humanity considered the washed-up Garfields a mystery, Rene Morvan told his story. [10] In the 1980s, he and his brothers had explored a seaside cave. They found a shipping container inside 23 Strange And Cool Things Found At The Beach. Featured 03/12/2016 in wtf. Going for a walk on the beach, one is bound to find something interesting. England dug up a 24-carat gold bar worth £500 on the beach. German artist Michael Sailstorfer hid 30 bars as part of a project Tons of timber washed on to the shore of Worthing Beach. Natural Things Found on the Beach. The rough tide of a storm brings up lots of different types of seaweed that aren't generally found every day on the strandline. Plus various interesting natural things that should be found on a beach (unlike the plastics)

Bizarre deep-sea creature washes up on Texas beach. An odd-looking fish that lives on the ocean floor shocked Texas park rangers when it washed up on Padre Island National Seashore in Corpus. The fact that the foot was found encased in a sports sneaker is key to it being discovered. Had it not been inside one, the foot may have sunken to the sea or ocean floor, or have been consumed by. Hunter Lane, a 7-year-old from Mesa, Arizona, found four dragons within a few minutes on May 2 while vacationing with his parents. His father, Trey Lane, told CNN he's been vacationing at the. Not only do they have the now infamous tales of The Loch Ness Monster, but, back in 1808, a strange carcass washed up on the shores of Stronsay that many believe be another Plesiosaurus I hike the edge of the Hudson River between NJ and NY early in the mornings and find all sorts of weird washed up items but the weirdest was a large portion of a spinal column. Courtesy.

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Mysterious giant sea monster found off the coast of Indonesia. The giant carcass of an unidentified sea creature has washed up on an island in Indonesia. Asrul Tuanakota discovered the 15 metre. We combed the net and found some of the most weird, wonderful and downright unbelievable things ever to be found on the Sunshine State's shores. 1. A Giant Lego Man. Image Source. Image Source. Above: In October 2011, locals were baffled when this 8 foot Lego man washed up on Siesta Key Beach. Weighing in at a hefty 100lb, the enormous toy.

A seldomly seen fish was found washed up on shore by a passing-by paddleboarder near Port Angeles last weekend. The fish has a striking huge eye and swims mainly in the depths of the ocean The other day, something much more disgusting washed up on the shore when I was running on Tower Beach — more than a dozen brain-like, pink and orange blobs

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The human skull found on Cefn Sidan. One of the most disconcerting finds was a human skull discovered at Cefn Sidan. A few years later in 2005 a human funny bone was also found at the same beach A look at some of the weird and wonderful things that have washed up on beaches around the globe. The drums being removed from the shore at Newcastle Beach. Picture: FRNSW Source:Supplie Eventually, Mac Graham radioed a friend in Hawaii to say that Walker was bringing over a cake in an apparent attempt to patch things up. The Grahams were never heard from again. Eleven years later, a jury found Walker guilty of killing Muff Graham, whose charred body had been found washed up on the shore of Palmyra with an apparent gunshot wound The tree found washed up on Langland beach by a Sue Mortimer and her family An entire tree was found washed up on Langland Bay, with the words and numbers, 'Linda C 16-07-47 - 22-07-201', carved. At low-tide, the banks of the River Thames become the largest open air archaeological site in London. Every day, new artefacts get washed up on the shore, and old sites get exposed. As 19th century MP John Burns once quite rightly said The St. Lawrence is mere water. The Missouri muddy water. The Thames is liquid history

Weird Things That Wash Up on the Beach: Photos 11 feet in running shoes washed up on shore, sparking speculation that a serial killer might be nearby. His long-ago-tossed bottle was found. Scientists have identified the 50-foot creature that washed up on an Indonesian beach. A giant carcass found washed up on a beach in Indonesia's central Maluku province puzzled locals and. Thousands of 'penis fish' washed up on a California beach. and why'd they end up on shore? and one of the oldest worms ever found was believed to be 25 years old 10 Amazing Things Recently Found from WWII. Posted on January 13, 2014 by Michelle Nati. Category: The lard washed up for the first time after a merchant ship was bombed during WWII, and has continued to wash up every few decades after bad storms. Weird Fun Facts About Everyday Things. All The Salt Fun Facts You Need to Know

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Armed and educated, volunteers fan out around the lake and commence to picking up whatever detritus awaits on the shores. A mini museum at the FTLOTL headquarters displays a small sampling of all manner of strange and inexplicable objects found by volunteers. One ponders the backstory of the creepy, one-eyed, slimy green baby doll that washed. A strange creature that washed up in the aftermath of the Japanese tsunami has baffled online viewers who claim they have no idea what it is. Video footage, shot by a survivor of the devastating. A lot more than just seashells wash up on Florida's beaches, of course. Cleanup crews go out every morning to pick up hundreds of pounds of seaweed, and they also find things such as a part of a. After four months at sea, ghost ship with 11 petrified corpses washes up in Barbados · Letter left by dying man gives clue to investigators · Dozens of others thought to have perished en rout Many weird and mysterious creatures have washed up on our shores over the years. From rotten corpses to rare blood-sucking eels, it's fair to say Devon coasts attract some rather peculiar animals

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According to news reports, the mysterious eye washed up on Florida's Pompano Beach, where it was found by a beachcomber. Instead of whisking it away, as was the case in Montauk, the fine citizen. The Outrageous Side of Oregon Coast Beaches - The ocean and the shoreline environment are some of the most dynamic places on Earth, where things constantly change, sometimes in truly freaky ways Weird artifacts have been washing up on New Zealand beaches after a 7.8-magnitude earthquake hit the region in November, lifting the seabed by more than 2 feet. Filed under aliens , mysteries.