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  1. Current California Angling and Diving Records. Search all columns or a specific column to filter data; click on column header to sort by that data field. * State law presently prohibits the take of giant (black) sea bass, bronzespotted rockfish, cowcod rockfish, yelloweye rockfish, statewide. Abalone may not be taken south of the mouth of San.
  2. (Photo: wired2fish.com) If you are intested in catching a record fish in your state, you might want to check out the current records and regulations for getting your catch certified. Below is a list of all 50 states with links to each state's DNR site to investigate current state records, lake records in some cases and even the top 10 catches for each species
  3. Fish Records and Awards. Texas Parks and Wildlife Department recognizes fishing excellence through the Angler Recognition Program. The program maintains state record lists for public and private waters and water body records for all public lakes, rivers, and bays. Junior Anglers (under 17 years of age) compete in a separate division
  4. Look up the size of the current state record in the list below (State Record Fish - Current Records) to see if your fish is larger than the current record. New all-time state record fish will be recognized when the weight of the fish exceeds by one ounce or more the weight of the previous record for that species or recognized hybrid

State Record Salmon Caught - 6/15/18. Below are the current NJ Record Freshwater Fish. In May, 2007, the program was revised to include Retired Categories (Saltwater) of fish no longer included in the program, as well as Retired Historical Records.Currently there are 31 species of freshwater fish eligible for entry in the Record Fish Program A state-record fish must be legally caught in Arkansas where a sport-fishing license is required (no hatcheries or pay-to-fish lakes). The fish must be caught on rod or pole using hook and line. Fish caught on handheld snagging equipment will be considered if taken from waters where snagging is legal. Electric reels may not be used North Carolina Freshwater Fishing Records . The following tables contain the current fishing records for a variety of freshwater species. State Record Application Instruction

Ohio's All-Tackle State Record Fish. The Ohio record fish list is maintained by the Outdoor Writers of Ohio State Record Fish Committee. HOOK AND LINE DIVISION. Type : Pounds. Length. Location. Name. Date. Bass, Hybrid Striped. 18.32 On-line resource for Pennsylvania State Fishing Records. Pennsylvania State Fishing Records: The following list of state record fish is according to the Pennsylvania Game Commission Missouri has a long, proud tradition of fishing, and its abundant lakes and streams have produced exceptional fish. MDC has developed the State Record Fish Program to acknowledge and honor anglers who have caught the largest recorded fish from a list of recognized species found in Missouri waters

If you think your trophy fish may have broken a catch and keep record, it needs to be weighed by a MassWildlife Fisheries Biologist. While our offices remain closed to the public due to COVID-19, please email steven.mattocks@mass.gov to make an appointment to bring your fish into one of our office locations. The fish must be presented in its entirety (whole) Record fish caught in Utah. Utah has some great fishing. Here are the state records to prove it. Have you caught a record fish? Submit an application. Official catch and keep record fish application; Official catch and release record application; Catch and keep record fis Fishing & Boating Freshwater Fishing Records Rod and Reel. Species Weight Angler Hometown Location Date; Black Bass Hybrid: 11 lbs 4.5 oz Sardis Lower Lake: 8/1/2019: Largemouth Bass: 18.15 lbs: Anthony Denny: Washington, MS: Natchez State Park Lake: 12/31/1992: Spotted Bass: 8 lbs 2 oz: S . Ross Gratham: Seminary, MS: Farm Pond: 9/2/1975. state records for selected categories. Species Weight Length Date WaterBody Angler Bait/Lure; Bass, Alabama 5.98: 22.25: Jan 9, 201 State Record Fish. There are two divisions of state record fish. The Rod and Line Record Fish Division is for fish caught on rod and line and must be hooked and played by only one person and the fish must weigh more than the current record. The second division, the Unrestricted Record Fish Division, is for fish caught other than rod and line or.

State Record Tautog Caught - 2/17/21. Below are the current New Jersey record saltwater fish. In May, 2007, the program was revised to include Retired Categories of fish no longer included in the program, as well as Retired Historical Records.Currently there are 59 species of marine fish eligible for entry in the Record Fish Program Want to set a new record for saltwater game fish in Massachusetts? Check out the current leaders. The last record catch was set on July 20, 2016 Complete the State Record Fish submission form and send it along with a clear, full-length photo of your fish to the address listed on the form. Select desired species and scroll through the table to view records. Lengths and girths are measured in inches. Slide text left for complete information Bass - burbot. Common nam 1 to 4 of 4 records. Striped Bass (Rockfish) 65 lbs. 6 oz. Cordell Hull Reservoir. Ralph H. Dallas. May 1, 2000. Cherokee (Hybrid) 23 lbs. 3 oz. Stones River For a copy of the Hawaii State Record Fish Application, download the application form by clicking here. Fill out the form and mail or email us at HFN with a high-resolution photo(s) and a short story, and we may verify your catch as a state record. HAWAII FISHING NEWS P.O. Box 25488 Honolulu, Hawaii 96825 Phone (808) 395-4499 Fax (808) 396-347

Fish; State Record Fishes and Awards To qualify for consideration as a state record, the fish must have been caught in Kentucky waters by rod and reel or on a pole and line. Fish taken on commercial gear, by trotlines or by snagging, snaring or bowfishing are not eligible. The fish must. A potential state record fish must be identified by a Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks and Tourism district fisheries biologist or regional fisheries supervisor. The fish must be weighed on certified scales before it is frozen. A sharp, color photo must accompany the application. Only species listed on the State Record list will be accepted NOTE: Records are based upon weight recorded on state-certified (legal for trade) scales and two witnesses to the weighing. Record fish must be available for inspection by Department personnel. New record fish must outweigh the standing record for the species by at least one full ounce Brwn bullh 2.17 lb. James E. IveyLacamas Lake 1988. Black bullh No record. Yellow bullh No record. Blue catfish 17 lb. 12 oz. R Hawthrne Columbia River 1975. Chnl catfish 32 lb. 8 oz. Tom Peterman. Fish records are tracked by weight in 49 different species categories. Potential record holders must have a valid Colorado fishing license, or be under the age of 18. The catch must be made in Colorado in compliance with all state fishing rules and regulations. The fish in question must be weighed on a state-certified scale (lbs and oz), and.

Freshwater Fish State Record Program Rules. After more than 85 years, this legendary catch is STILL a Georgia State Record and tied as the World Record Rhode Island Freshwater and Saltwater Sportfish Records. If you believe you've caught a new Rhode Island State Record, bring it to an official weigh-in station official weigh-in station to be weighed and measured using a digital scale. State record catches are determined annually once all data are received for that year Pennsylvania State-Record Fish Rules and Application. Biggest Fish Caught in Pennsylvania. Bass, Largemouth ( Micropterus salmoides) Donald Shade, Waynesboro, PA. 11 lb. 3 oz. Birch Run Reservoir, Adams Co. 1983. Bass, Rock ( Ambloplites rupestris) David L. Weber, Lake City, PA Note: An official record fish application [PDF] must accompany prospective record fish entries.. For questions about record fish or comments about these pages send an e-mail to: Bureau of Fisheries Managemen Fishing Records. North Carolina has four programs that officially recognize anglers who have caught large fish. Two of these, the N.C. Freshwater Fishing State Record Program and the N.C. Angler Recognition Program, are administered by the N.C. Wildlife Resources Commission. A list of the largest common freshwater game fish caught by anglers in.

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580 Taylor Ave., Annapolis MD 21401. Call toll-free in *Maryland* at 1-877-620-8DNR (8367) Out of State: 410-260-8DNR (8367 Freshwater Fish Records for South Carolina. Affidavit for Record Freshwater Game Fish is in the PDF file format.. Affidavit must be filled out in entirely and returned to the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources within 45 days of catch To qualify, the applicant's fish must: be captured by legal methods from Missouri waters, be a species included on the Missouri State Record Fish list. meet or exceed the current record. New open records must meet or exceed the Master Angler minimum weight for that species to be considered Species Weight Angler Location Date Bass, Hybrid 25 lb. 8 oz. David Hobby Lake Chatuge May 1995 Bass, Largemouth 22 lb. 4 oz George Perry Montgomery Lake June 1932 Bass, Redeye 3 lb. 7 oz. Steve Williams Lake Hartwell Apri.. State Record Freshwater Fish. Fish must be caught in Alabama waters by legal means. Fish must be identified by a Fisheries Section biologist or other certified fisheries biologist. Fish must be weighed on certified scales. Weighing must be witnessed by two people. Application must be submitted on official application form

SPECIES WEIGHT WHERE ANGLER YEAR; Atlantic Salmon: 14 lb. 4 oz. Lake Michigan, Lake County: Gene Tarrant: 1979: Bighead Carp: 53 lb. 8 oz. White River, Pike Count The IGFA maintains the World Records for all species of game fish. You can search all IGFA World Records for freshwater and saltwater fishes in All-TackleLine Class, All-Tackle Length for male, female and junior anglers

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UPDATED: 02/15/2019. The following is a listing of the record size fish caught in Minnesota, by species. At this time, only those fish caught by hook and line are eligible for a Minnesota State record. Fish caught by bow and arrow, by net, or other means are not included in the State records. This list [ West Virginia State Fishing Records Reporting Procedures For Record Fish A record of the largest fish of each species taken by hook and line in West Virginia waters is maintained. Certificates of accomplishment are awarded for each record holder. Any angler landing a potential record breaker should report his catch to Wildlife Resources Section Maine Freshwater Record Fish SPECIES WEIGHT ANGLER DATE LOCATION Atlantic Salmon 28 lbs. 1 oz Howard Clifford 10/9/1980 location undisclosed Black Crappie 3 lbs 9.76 oz Quinn Warren Feb-12 Messalonskee Lake Blueback Trout 5.24 lbs Carter McLaughlin 8/20/2008 Pushineer Pond Brook Trout 9 lbs 2 oz Patrick Coan 1/8/2010 Mousam... Continue readin Missouri State Fishing Records. We are just getting the Missouri records section started sorry for the lack of records information. If you have a picture of any of these records you would be willing to share, send them to us at Todd@outdoors-411.com . SPECIES State Record Fish - July 2020 1. Species Weight (Lb.) Length (In.) Year Method Bait/Lure Water Body County LONGNOSE GAR 18 53 1995 Spincasting Green Rattle Trap Williamsville Lake Livingston LONGNOSE SUCKER 6.88 22.5 1986 Spincasting Spawn Bag Saint Joseph River Berrie

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Area water is home to 2021 fishing records. Of the six state records in fishing set so far this year, four have been in or around the Branson area. All four were set in March or April of this year. The other two records — the latest set on June 1 — were set northeast of Branson close to St. Louis Louisiana State Fish Records Download. Rod & Reel Rules. Fish must be caught in Louisiana waters with access to the general public. If caught offshore in the Gulf of Mexico, the fish must be caught from a boat fishing out of a Louisiana port and weighed in Louisiana. For Toledo Bend fish to be eligible, or fish from other border waters, the. A fish must weigh 1 pound (16 ounces) or more to be eligible for state record status. A color photograph of the angler with the fish can be submitted to Game, Fish and Parks personnel along with the completed application (photo can be emailed also). Sturgeon species (shovelnose, pallid and lake sturgeon) and any state threatened or endangered. State Fishing Records. Fun Ways To Search. View records with photos only. View Records By Fish African Pompano Albacore Tuna Alligator Gar American Eel American Shad Arctic Char Arctic Grayling Atlantic Bonito Atlantic Cod Atlantic Croaker Atlantic Mackerel Atlantic Salmon Atlantic Sturgeon Bigeye Tuna Black Bullhead Black Crappie Black Drum.

Freshwater Fish Records. Atlantic Salmon: 28 lbs. 1 oz., Howard Clifford, Portland, ME, 10/9/80, location undisclosed NOTICE: Under current law, sea-run Atlantic Salmon are considered federally-endangered, and no fishing is permitted for this species State record fish. More than 70 species of fish have been recognized as state records in Nebraska. These fish are the largest specimens documented to have been caught by rod and reel or taken by bowfishing, underwater spearfishing or surface spearfishing. Take a look at the list of these trophy fish, compare your biggest catches and then review. Some records date back to George S Perry's world record bass in 1922 while others state records seem to be broken every year. Either way, we all could literally be one cast away from from the bass fishing record books LOUISIANA STATE FISH RECORDS Louisiana State Fish Records Official Copy Fresh/Saltwater And Rod & Reel/Fly Fishing Documented & Kept By The Louisiana Outdoor Writers Association (LOWA) ALL RECORDS ARE CURRENT THROUGH THE CURRENT RECORD AWARDED July 10, 2021 All ounce weights are converted into hundredths of a pound (16oz = 1.00) for uniformity

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03/10/2007 State Record Blueline Tilefish Records for the largest fish caught by hook and line are maintained by the Commission's Saltwater Tournament Office. Each year they print a summary of the records as of December 31 of that year in their annual brochure The New York State Record Marine Fish Award recognizes anglers who catch the heaviest fish and set or break the current State Record for any of the 33 eligible species. Certificates for new State Records will be sent to the angler within 30 days after verification and acceptance of the new record

Walleye -- Mabry Harper, Old Hickory Lake. The folder in the IGFA's Record Department designated Mabry Harper's world record walleye is chock-full of articles and letters related to the controversy that has followed this catch over the past half century. It has been more than 50 years since Harper pulled his 11.34 kg (25 pound) walleye from Old Hickory Lake, near his home in Tennessee on the. species local name angler hometown date weight; amberjack, greater: amberjack: brian s. andrews: citronelle, al: 8/2/19: 132lbs 12.8ozs: angelfish, blue: same: lilli. To catch this behemoth of a fish, the player needs to go a long way southwest from Rye & Sons Aviation. The location will be correct if the water body is situated directly south from the southwestern-most gun shop in the region. Fishing in this water body will net this massive beast and finally put an end to the fishing records once and for all STATE SALTWATER RECORDS. Salt Water Fishing Record Application and Rules. State Records - All Tackle Division. State Records - Conventional Tackle. State Records - Fly Fishing. Salt Water Fishing Record Application and Rules - Youth Division. State Records - Conventional Tackle - Youth Division

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The best fishing rod in Far Cry 5 is the Old Betsy Rod, but unlocking it won't be easy. In order to unlock the Old Betsy Rod in Far Cry 5, a one-of-a-kind fishing rod, you're going to need to beat all of the Regional Records for fishing. This can only be done by catching fish in the hard areas, which we've outlined below Louisiana State Fish Records Fresh/Saltwater--Rod & Reel/Fly Fishing Documented and kept by the Louisiana Outdoor Writers Association L OUISIAN ASTATE F IH REC RDS O C L COPY ALL RECORDS ARE CURRENT THROUGH THE LAST RECORD AWARDED WHICH WAS ON January 15, 2017 (All ounce weights are converted into hundredths of a pound (16oz = 1.00) for. Whatever else you think about Illinois in 2020, the fishing was on fire! Several Illinois state fishing records have fallen over the past 12 months and could see several more fall in the next 12. Here are the updated Illinois state records that caught our eye. Smallmouth Bass. New Record: 7 pounds, 3 ounces (2019) Previous Record: 6 pounds, 7.

The fish must be available for inspection and identification. State record fish entries may require verification by a Division of Fish & Wildlife fisheries biologist. It is the responsibility of the angler to schedule a time to have the fish examined by a state fisheries biologist Kansas Fishing Records and License Information. Last Updated September 30, 2019. Click Here For Kansas Fishing License Information. Want to know how big of a fish you need to catch to break the Kansas state record? Check out these records and good luck. Bass, Largemouth Tyson Hallam, Scammon 11.80 lbs.. - 28 1/ Dorchester County Angler Catches Record Longnose Gar. March 4, 2020. Prehistoric Fish Tips Scales at 18.3 Pounds A Hurlock fisherman is the new Maryland state Chesapeake Division record holder for longnose gar, with a catch that weighed 18.3 pounds. Samson Matthews, 22, was fishing for blue catfish with a friend March 2 near El Dorado Bridge.

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Beating Every Record. There are a total of 12 species of fish in Far Cry 5. To beat each of the records, players must fish at the Hard fishing spots on the map. Every region in Far Cry 5 has the. Baird's N.C. record had taken out the previous state record from Lake Gaston, a 117-pound, 8-ounce blue cat that was caught on June 11, 2016 by then 15-year-old angler Landon Evans.. Incidentally, Evans' fish remains the IGFA junior world record to this day and it was a giant killer of its own, taking out the previous state record set at Lake Gaston in December 2015 by Zakk Royce, who.

PO Box 7921 WISCONSIN RECORD FISH Madison, WI 53707-7921 (All Methods) New records for the year are highlighted WIRecordFish.doc Revised September 2018. Wisconsin Record Fish List. Sources: The National Freshwater Fishing Hall of Fame and Verified Wisconsin Record Fish Report J. Urban for IDFG Jon Urban shows off his latest catch/release state record - a 15.25-inch Lahontan Cutthroat Trout from Grasmere Reservoir. When avid angler Jon Urban first started thinking about landing a state record fish, he was hoping for a white crappie. After all, beating the current 14.25-inch catch/release record seemed doable. After several trips, he finally landed a big one - but. Colorado Parks and Wildlife is a nationally recognized leader in conservation, outdoor recreation and wildlife management. The agency manages 42 state parks, all of Colorado's wildlife, more than 300 state wildlife areas and a host of recreational programs. CPW issues hunting and fishing licenses, conducts research to improve wildlife management activities, protects high priority wildlife. State records Some notable: White Bass record= 6.81, Amite River Channel catfish= 30.31, Minor's canal I have a hard time believing this. Caney Lake top 10 rankings: Largemouth bass 6 out of top 10, Black Crappie 5 out of 10, Redear Sunfish 8 out of 10. Caney was a beast

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Fishing Wisconsin's waters are enjoyed by many, but only a few anglers apply their skills to the extent that they catch a verified record fish. The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (DNR) recognizes anglers who have legally taken the largest fish on record by hook and line, as well as those fish that have been taken by alternate methods. FISH. WEIGHT. LOCATION CAUGHT. YEAR. ANGLER. Albacore (false) 32 lbs 0 oz. Off Morehead City. 2015. Michael Voytkowski. Albacore. 62 lb. 0 oz. Off Oregon Inlet. 200 State Record Northern Pike 29.0 lbs (1980) State Record Rainbow Trout 14 lbs 10 oz. State Record Rock Bass 1 lb 3 oz. State Record Tiger Trout 7 lbs 14 oz. Please contact the Fisheries Division with any questions. Phone: 860-424-FISH (3474) E-mail: deep.inland.fisheries@ct.gov. Online Licensing System Fishing World Records. Use the search form above to find fishing world records for freshwater fish, saltwater fish, and more. Search for the biggest fish in the International Game Fish Association's database of biggest fish for each species. All fish must be caught per IGFA rules