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  1. Explore Eric Garcetti's 6,359 photos on Flickr! Mayor of Los Angeles. 132 Followers•0 Following. 6,359 Photos. Joined 201
  2. Credit: @eric_kelly. Outside the home of Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti last Friday, the volume of the People's City Council May Day protest was deafening. There was a mariachi band. There were approximately 100 cars laying on their horns. There were protestors on foot blaring siren noises through their megaphones and chanting Fight.
  3. Democratic Los Angeles mayor Eric Garcetti was greeted by a chorus of boos on Friday while attending the Los Angeles Dodgers' first home game of the 2021 season. Garcetti was on hand for the.
  4. Eric Garcetti (Los Angeles), Mitch Landrieu (New Orleans), and Sly James (Kansas City) are just a few mayors making waves for their willingness to lead in a bipartisan fashion to bring innovative.
  5. One America News Network host Graham Ledger called California Gov. Gavin Newsom Hitler, compared Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti to Nazi Heinrich Himmler, and referred to a California county.

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti appears to be in line to be nominated by President Joe Biden for a post as ambassador to India, and although the White House has made no announcements as of yet, it Eric Garcetti, chief executive of a city of 4 million people, sounds like he's dissolved into a chasm of grief. It's early in the morning of March 27, and all across America COVID-19-related. Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti, the city's Democrat widely seen to have national ambitions, was roundly mocked on Twitter late Sunday after he urged residents to turn off major appliances to. AHF to Mayor Garcetti: 'If You Leave in the Middle of This Crisis, Please Don't Come Back!'. As talk swirls about President Biden naming Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti as U.S. Ambassador to. Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti on Tuesday warned Angelenos that they should be hunkering down for the long-haul, and he issued some stern words to non-essential businesses that have yet to close

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Mayor Eric Garcetti joins GMA to discuss where the county will be in three months, testing capacity and the city's roadmap to recovery.Subscribe to GMA's Y.. President Joe Biden nominated his political ally Eric Garcetti as ambassador to India, the White House said on Friday, setting up a tricky confirmation battle amid claims the Los Angeles mayor failed to act on sexual harassment allegations leveled at his adviser.. Garcetti, 50, was long seen as frontrunner for the post and, if confirmed, would be taking on one of the most difficult diplomatic.

Less than 24 hours after the LAPD broke up a peaceful Black Lives Matters protest and arrested an activist outside the official residence of Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti, Joe Biden has named Ga Mayor Eric Garcetti encouraged members of the community to continue reporting businesses that violate the city's Safer at Home order to the city for enforcem.. The Ultimate Factory. 4 mins ·. Joe Biden nominates Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti as envoy to India Joe Biden nominates Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti as envoy to India. If confirmed by the Senate, Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti, who was nominated by US President Joe Biden would replace Kenneth Juster. indiatoday.in Biden taps LA mayor Garcetti as envoy to India. WASHINGTON: President Joe Biden on Friday nominated Los Angeles mayor Eric Garcetti, an ambitious star in his Democratic Party, to be US ambassador.

california, coronavirus, eric garcetti, los angeles, surveillance Keep this news available to you and millions more Your gift will spread truth, defeat lies, and save live WASHINGTON - The White House announced Friday that President Joe Biden has nominated Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti as the U.S. Ambassador to India. If confirmed by the Senate, Garcetti would become the first L.A. mayor in more than a 100 years to voluntarily leave office before the end of his term. Garcetti has been the Mayor of the City of. Mayor Eric Garcetti on Sunday admonished Angelenos who haven't taken orders to practice social distancing seriously, announcing the closure of the city's golf courses, parking lots at Venice Beach and organized group sports at city parks as they have continued to attract throngs of people

The head of a nonprofit founded by Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti that is raising money for those affected by the coronavirus crisis has stepped down, a Garcetti advisor said Wednesday. Mayor's. A few days after Thanksgiving, as the number of coronavirus cases surged to alarming new levels in Los Angeles, Mayor Eric Garcetti tweeted out an advisory that, on its face, should have been. Redditors Develop Meme Stock Market. A group of redditors at r/MemeEconomy are trying to quantify the lifespan of a meme through the creation of a mock stock market. Memes rise and fall in popularity over time, with people declaring a meme dead often as soon as it becomes popular with a wide section of the Internet Banging drums and chanting Block Garcetti, activists with Black Lives Matter-L.A. and other groups rallied outside Mayor Eric Garcetti's home to protest the mayor's possible appointment.

LA Mayor Eric Garcetti on Pres. Trump's upcoming visit to CA as wildfires spread across the state: He's going to come out here and probably tell us, 'I'm going to send you rakes instead. Mayor of Los Angeles Eric Garcetti handing over the keys to the city to Chris Paul. Meme. Close. Vote. Posted by. DOMINAYTON. 5 minutes ago. Mayor of Los Angeles Eric Garcetti handing over the keys to the city to Chris Paul. Meme. 1 comment. share. save. hide. report. 100% Upvoted. Log in or sign up to leave a comment Log In Sign Up

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti got loudly booed at the Dodgers Opening Day game on Friday. The Nationals played against the Dodgers at the Dodgers Stadium on Friday in front of fans for the first time in more than a year L.A. Mayor Eric Garcetti has made increasing the number of women in the Fire Department a major goal. Some senior women in the LAFD, and his own appointees, say the mayor could be pushing harder. Hollywood Idiot Alyssa Milano: 'F*ck This.' Demands 'National Shut Down Now' Hollywood Idiot and left-wing Moron Alyssa Milano isn't satisfied that California is going back into economic shutdown mode.The Idiot Wants the whole country to close down — now! — over the coronavirus.. The Charmed Ugly Actress, whose estimated net worth sits at $10 million, demanded a national shutdown. New Delhi: It's meme time again. Twitterati's latest pick CBSE's plan for evaluating students of Class XII students. Here are some of the reactions to the CBSE's new formula of results based on performance in Class X, XI and XII. For Class XII, marks obtained in unit, term and practicals will be taken into account [ Over a dozen people were hurt when an LAPD bomb squad truck was blown to smithereens during a planned detonation of illegal fireworks Wednesday night. The enormous blast came after authorities.

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Uh Oh: LA Mayor Garcetti's In Hot Water Over City's Homeless Epidemic. The homeless epidemic has become such a problem in Los Angeles that Mayor Eric Garcetti is facing a recall election over his. The Glendale Galleria in Glendale, California, on Friday revealed its new outdoor dining area that was placed inside a parking garage. Local residents mocked the move on social media President Eric Garcetti 2020 Are You Kidding You May Not Be. Mayor Yoga Pants Unveils Budget At State Of The City Kfi Am 640. Leaf High Waist Yoga Pants With Inner Pocket Yogapants Yoga Pants. Eric Garcetti Mayor Of Los Angeles Comes One Step Shy Of. La Mayor Garcetti Lies And Blackmails All Californians California The wildfires in 2018 has been one of the most destructive seasons in state history. Between January and November, a total of 7,579 fires swept across 1,667,855 acres (6,749.57 km2), the largest number of burned acreage recorded in a California fire season. In August 2018, a series of large-scale wildfires erupted across northern California

Confirming rumors that have circulated for weeks, President Joe Biden nominated Los Angeles mayor Eric Garcetti Friday to become U.S. ambassador to India.. Garcetti, who has reached his term limit and cannot seek another four years as mayor, is scheduled to leave office in December 2022 but would vacate the position early if confirmed by the U.S. Senate Even Joe Biden's White House press secretary, Jen Psaki, tried to propagate the lie. It was a bridge too far even for their Leftmedia lickspittles, and yesterday their ruse officially crashed and burned when the Washington Post's fact-checker gave Psaki's ridiculous claim three Pinocchios. We think she was straight-up robbed of the. LA Mayor Eric Garcetti in Talks With Biden Administration About Becoming U.S. Ambassador to India Map: Where California's 58 Counties Fall in the State's Four-Tier, Color-Coded Reopening System. Supporters of the sheriff say the disaster on Venice Beach can be laid at the feet of Bonin and Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti, who have been complicit in preventing law enforcement officers from doing their job and ignoring threats to public safety in their communities. Daily Conservative Political Memes. July 12, 2021. Stay On Top of the. Mayor Garcetti takes a knee at downtown LA protest. LOS ANGELES — It was the kind of scene that, it seems, only this tumultuous year of 2020 could produce. With the National Guard patrolling the streets of Los Angeles after several nights of looting, violence and fires, hundreds of people gathered downtown to protest the death of George Floyd.

Los Angeles mayor Eric Garcetti is one of the poster children for an out-of-control government on steroids. Garcetti is encouraging residents to snitch on violators of his executive order. Government out of control. Look, let's get this out of the way. Coronavirus is bad. It seems to be a very easily transmitted virus How to Cultivate Racism and Hate in America. Written by Robert Knight. What would we do without virtue signalers instructing us about how hopelessly racist America is Eric Garcetti co-founded Climate Mayors and led more than 400 US mayors to adopt the Paris Climate agreement. (AP Photo/File) Six months into the administration, US President Joe Biden has nominated Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti as his country's ambassador to India Hardworking group (WKHS)- Get the reportCincinnati-based manufacturer of electric delivery and utility vehicles joined the Memestock Club on Thursday, with stocks up nearly 20% in pre-market transactions. Workhorse shares rose 19.63% to $ 11.52 in pre-market trading, with the addition of AMC Entertainment and others. (AMC)- Get the report, Bed Bath & Beyond (BB)- Get Eric Garcetti. LOS ANGELES, CA — For nine consecutive days, protestors rallied outside Getty House, decrying Mayor Eric Garcetti's potential appointment to President-elect Joe Biden's cabinet. On Wednesday, around 100 demonstrators asked Garcetti to publicly refuse a cabinet position, Twitter footage showed. Block Garcetti demonstrators.

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Eric Garcetti is a member of famous people who are known for being a Politician, celebrities who are 50 years old, was born in February, in the year 1971.His zodiac sign is Aquarius. Go to next page for details on Eric Garcetti's net worth and earnings causes.com. 9 mins ·. President Joe Biden has nominated Eric Garcetti to serve as U.S. ambassador to India, ending months of speculation whether the two-term Los Angeles mayor would land a role within the Biden administration. #EricGarcetti #JoeBiden #india. This Facebook page is a pathway to Causes

What We Know So Far About the LAPD's Dramatic Cost-Cutting Measures. Facing a $150 million budget cut, the department is preparing to decrease its ranks and disband units that handle things like. Breaking News: Biden Nominates L.A. Mayor Eric Garcetti As U.S. Ambassador to India. Another Day: Another (Great) Reversal of Trump Policy By Biden. Same Kinda of Crazy Talk That Created The Insurrection. Axios claims the official scoop: President Biden is considering naming Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti to a high-profile ambassadorship, possibly India, people familiar with the matter tell Axios. Garcetti, 50, is one of several candidates under consideration for the India posting. Angelenos are obviously not shedding any tears Lori Lightfoot is an American lawyer turned politician. Currently, most people will be most familiar with her because she is the Mayor of Chicago, who has been showing up in a lot of Chicagoan memes because of her role in encouraging people in her city as well as her state to stay at home. Here are some things you do not know about the Chicago mayor.. 1 Eric Garcetti, mayor of Los Angeles, speaks during the Milken Institute Global Conference in Beverly Hills, California, U.S., on Monday, April 29, 2019. The conference brings together leaders in business, government, technology, philanthropy, academia, and the media to discuss actionable and collaborative solutions to some of the most important.

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti has been selected by the Biden Administration to become the U.S. ambassador to India, the Associated Press reported, citing a person familiar with the matter For Los Angeles's mayor, Eric Garcetti, the protests have gotten extremely personal. After he imposed a citywide curfew, entertaining signs began to target the mayor himself. On June 2, hundreds. Shade balls away! It was the cry that was heard around the internet. For a few days last August, the video of L.A. Mayor Eric Garcetti and staff of Los Angeles Department of Water and Power sending a cascade of 4 black plastic balls down a steep slope and into the L.A. Reservoir was everywhere With Eric Garcetti expected to land a new role as U.S. ambassador to India, he'll leave behind a checkered legacy as Los Angeles' 42nd mayor. While the city's decades-long homeless problem.

Garcetti co-founded Climate Mayors and led more than 400 US mayors to adopt the Paris Climate agreement. He is the current Chair of C40 Cities- a network of 97 of the world's biggest cities taking bold climate action and has led the organization's engagement and expansion in India as well as C40's global response to the COVID-19 pandemic through the sharing of best practices and resources ERIC GARCETTI: The 49-year-old Los Angeles mayor flirted with his own White House bid before Biden brought him on as a campaign co-chairman. Adding him to the vetting committee gave Biden an. Esther Manheimer- Mayor of Asheville, NC. Quinton Lucas- Mayor of Kansas City, MO. Darrell Steinberg- Mayor of Sacramento, CA. Melvin Carter- Mayor of St. Paul, MN. There's also, as of now, one former mayor that supports slavery reparations plans: Michael Tubbs- Mayor of Stockton, CA. At least he was voted out Eric Garcetti (Maire de Los Angeles) à la première du film Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker à Los Angeles, le 16 décembre 2019. Blake Gray et Ryland Storms sur Instagram. Le 20 juillet 2020

While he certainly still has his supporters among the Democratic Party establishment, Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti (D) is nonetheless widely viewed by many on both the right and the left as an abject failure in terms of his leadership of the largest city in California. That generalized perceptio Firstpost - US president Joe Biden is expected to nominate Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti as the next US ambassador to India, according to reports. The White The stigmatization of those in favor of opening schools rolls on. In a Cirque du Soleil-worthy backpedal, the Chicago Teacher's Union recently removed a tweet by union representative Julio Rosas that stated: The push to reopen schools is rooted in racism, sexism, and misogyny.. Mr. Rosas, who appears to abide by the Cartesian paraphrase.

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Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti is poised to be nominated by President Biden as the U.S. ambassador to India, Axios has reported, citing sources familiar with the decision. Garcetti had previously been in the running for a Biden Cabinet position before a sexual harassment lawsuit against the mayor's former aide, Rick Jacobs, surfaced Politics LA Mayor Garcetti takes his gig national Mayor Eric Garcetti and First Lady Amy Wakeland greet the crowd for his inauguration at City Hall in Los Angeles, California on July 1, 2017 Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti is a believer. Speaking of the Levitt Pavilion in MacArthur Park he notes that the vitality that you see there is a model of urban revitalization. Sharon Yazowski, executive director of the Levitt Foundation, says, We are thrilled that Liberty Hill Foundation is honoring Liz with the 2018 Founders Award Mayor Bowser deleted a 4th of July tweet that including a topless Wendy's girl meme Touré: 'F*ck Independence Day' -- And then his tweet gets worse Garcetti had zero problem with crowds of people.

3:29. A Pennsylvania elementary school principal has filed a lawsuit against the school district that fired her after she shared on her Facebook page conservative memes, including one that read it is better to vote for a potato than Joe Biden. Veteran educator Amy Sacks, principal of Evergreen Elementary School in the Perkiomen Valley School. The employee who was directed to a board of rights for sharing the George Floyd meme was found Not Guilty, the LAPD said in a statement. Biden picks Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti for. Vanessa confirmed speculation that she had left Snowdens through a long statement made at Instagram's Oge in May 2019. After some deep soul quest, I decided to part with Snowden, Cobbs wrote. She made no mention of assault or abuse at the time, but apparently confirmed Joseph and Peterson's claims in a new social media post And in a weekly conference call on Monday, Garcetti told high-level staff that sporting events and concerts may need to be put on hold until 2021. Similarly, NYC mayor Bill De Blasio said that.

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Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds' GEI merges with Mayor Garcetti's EEF Eric Garcetti; Related Storyboards. Celebrities Who Are Forbidden To Work Together a Twisted Marvel Easter Egg...+ a Potential... By Comic Book Resources. 25 Summer Memes That Are Hilariously Relatable. By Reader's Digest. See more. Join the flipboard community. Mayor Garcetti Wants Us To Use 20 Percent Less Water By Jean Trinh. Published Oct 15, 2014 12:00 AM Local community reporting is vital, so is your support.. Make a Meme Make a GIF Make a Chart Only in LA does it have a crazy lunatic Garcetti as Mayor. by YankeePatriot. 335 views, 20 upvotes. share. Imgflip Pro Basic removes all ads. Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti cancels everything but... by norsegreen. 400 views, 11 upvotes. share. X All The Y. by TimeIsUp

Eric Garcetti did a Reddit AMA Tuesday. He answered many serious, important questions about L.A.'s future, but never mind that — here are his most entertaining answers Eric Garcetti, the mayor of Los IKEA unveils surreal, terrifying Pride sofas and the memes are impeccable A divisive set of IKEA Pride sofas has sent LGBT+ people into a collective frenzy

A Twitter thread going viral will make it easier to access all latest meme reactions in one place. A Twitter user has made a thread to compare meme reaction faces to dogs and the result is hilariously cute! And it's perfect if you are looking for funny desi meme templates for free download. From Hera Pheri to Annoyed Pakistani Fan, Twitter Thread Comparing Famous Meme Reactions to Dogs. Memes; Parodies; Resources. Downloads; Site Map; Search for: Home. 2021. April. 10. WATCH: Los Angeles Democratic Mayor Eric Garcetti Booed At Dodgers Home Opener. Independent Media The Daily Wire WATCH: Los Angeles Democratic Mayor Eric Garcetti Booed At Dodgers Home Opener. 3 months ago . Source Link |.

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We would like to show you a description here but the site won't allow us While some prosecutors are having difficulty accepting these changes, there is only one elected official in the D.A.'s office, said Garcetti, who served as the county's top prosecutor between 1992 and 2000 and is the father of Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti deputized thousands of Karens with his snitches get rewards program to encourage people to inform on companies not practicing social distancing or.

That same day, Los Angeles mayor Eric Garcetti ordered all city residents to wear masks while shopping at the essential businesses that remain open during the citywide lockdown March 1, 2017. LOS ANGELES — Mayor Eric M. Garcetti, a Democrat, is up for re-election on March 7, with a runoff, if necessary, on May 16. He is facing 10 challengers, but he seems almost. Not really, the other meme indicate the whistle blower was dating Schiffs daughter. Click to expand... Eric is Eric like high crimes is high crimes according to most dims.....;) yea it's false but funny none the less. Same for Eric Garcetti Troianus Acies and Jim McNeil like this. 901 Club Junior Member. Joined: Aug 24, 2017 Messages. Related Posts - Fresh news now. Garcetti signs pandemic recovery-steeped LA city budget, following months of financial uncertainties Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti on Wednesday signed off on a $11.2 billion city budget that helps the city chart a recovery path out of the pandemic, following a rocky year of financial uncertainties for the city. . Garcetti, joined by the City Council's budget.

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Seventeen people, including nine LAPD officers, were hurt after a large explosion occurred as Los Angeles police were seizing thousands of pounds of illegal fireworks, police said Beaches in Los Angeles will re-open on Wednesday, which will come as good news to surfers, swimmers, joggers and walkers. The indulgence one must pay to Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti for the. Nonetheless, on Wednesday, Mayor Eric Garcetti shut off some residents' power — and, therefore, their AC. Why? Public health and safety. As reported by The Daily Wire, a group of TikTok personalities share an abode in the Hollywood Hills. And according to police, they've recently hosted at least two shameless shindigs Since Nov. 24, the Los Angeles division of BLM have held protests every day outside the house of Los Angeles Mayor, Eric Garcetti, in order to urge President-elect Joe Biden to keep Mayor Garcetti.

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Biden To Nominate LA Mayor Eric Garcetti U.S. Ambassador To India. Tropical Storm Elsa Kills 1 After Slamming Into Florida And Georgia. California Capitol Reinstates Mask Mandate, Even For The Fully Vaccinated, Amid Outbreak. Joe Scarborough Mocks 'Business Genius' Trump For Claiming Not To Know Tax Laws Carpe Donktum and Donald Trump scored a major legal victory in the 'toddlers meme' lawsuit. Price had also met with L.A. Mayor Eric Garcetti's office about cultural competency. The meme read: When you have been part of the problem for decades, but suddenly they all think you are the solution. Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti Nominated By Biden as Ambassador to. Biden officially nominates LA Mayor Eric Garcetti as ambassador to India despite claims he turned a blind eye to allegations an adviser sexually assaulted his male bodyguard Facts July 10, 2021 President Joe Biden nominated his political ally Eric Garcetti as ambassador to India, the White House said on Friday, setting up a tri..

[Arnold] Los Angeles mayor Eric Garcetti joining MLS commissioner Don Garber and Liga MX president Mikel Arriola for a special announcement Wednesday. Joint All-Star game on track, I expect, but could be something more But the original meme NFT has to be the 'Homer Pepe', a piece of crypto art that looks like an amalgamation of the glum-faced, red-lipped Pepe the Frog and Homer Simpson. In 2018, online.

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DEEP DIVE. Spotify users are reacting to their Spotify Wrapped 2o20 year-in-review data by posting theirs on social media and making memes about the experience. At the beginning of December, Spotify shows users patterns in their listening habits in Spotify Wrapped, which they can then share with friends and followers on social media Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti (D) is encouraging residents in his city to tattletale on their neighbors who defy his stay-at-home order. Specifically, he's targeting businesses that continue to. You might want to meet with Eric Garcetti but Eric Garcetti doesn't want to meet with you. John Motter told that story recently in the essential Knock LA. And it's not Garcetti's problem, honestly. It's all you. There are plenty of folks he will very gladly meet with, like e.g. members of the Central City Association. And in secret no.

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US President Joe Biden is expected to nominate Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti, a trusted political ally, as America's next ambassador to India, according to media reports. Biden is expected to announce the names of political ambassadors, including for India, as soon as next week, according to a report i In 2002, he was promoted to Commander and to Deputy Chief in 2004. He spent time in charge of LAPD's counter-terrorism, Special Operations, Administrative Services, and a wide variety of other departments. Eventually, in 2018, he was sworn in as the Chief of Police, by Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti tells CNN that sports and concerts are unlikely to resume in 2021, He studied memes and media at the University of California, Berkeley The mayor of Los Angeles won't be advocating for the addition of a second NFL team. Instead, Eric Garcetti says he would like to see the Chargers stay in San Diego. We'd welcome any team to come.

Friday Funny: COVID 19 Memes - Authentic Medicine🔥 25+ Best Memes About Inspiration | Inspiration MemesEric Balfour is Beach Shirtless: Photo 1986841 | Eric25+ Best Orbs Memes | Not Surprising Memes, Forget ThisDaya & Lindsey Stirling Help The Grove Light Their

Eric Garcetti said Los Angeles still aimed to be the leading Chinese city in America for investment, as his administration grapples with an escalating trade war between Washington and. The meme took the social media by a storm of comments from the fans that posted hilarious responses to the meme. Much after noticing the hype of the meme, Mark Calaway AKA The Undertaker took to social media and challenged Akshay Kumar for a real match. He wrote, Ha! Tell me when you're ready for a REAL rematch Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti on Wednesday announced the city was taking action against those who throw large parties. He called recent gatherings of mostly young people in the Hollywood Hills and Calabasas flagrant violations of health orders. While we have already closed all bars and nightclubs, these large house parties have essentially become nightclubs, [ Mayor Eric Garcetti Friday announced a merger between Ryan Reynolds' and Blake Lively's Group Effort Initiative and his Evolve Entertainment Fund, a private-public partnership to connect young Angelenos from underrepresented communities with entertainment industry career opportunities