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Free Shipping on All Orders Over $35. Shop Toilet, Home Décor, Cookware & More! Free Shipping on All Orders Over $35. Shop Toilet, Furniture, Storage & More Skoolie toilet options can consist of composting toilets, dry flush toilets, and flushable toilets. We will review the best toilets for a skoolie depending on how often you will be using it

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Some toilet options are (much!) pricier than others, so we've included different options for each budget. Types of Skoolie Toilets. There are different options for installing a toilet in your converted bus. Some toilets do not require any plumbing, including the composting toilets, portable toilets, and camping/emergency toilets listed in. Skoolie bathroom dimensions are based on the layout of your skoolie and if you do a separate shower and toilet area or a combined bathroom area. Based on a center aisle skoolie layout, the dimensions of a separate toilet area can be 24″ wide and 32″ deep The three options that work the best are composting toilet, rv toilet with black water tank, and incinerating toilet. We will dive into all three of these options in this article and what that means for you as you continue your skoolie process

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We are Chris & Sarah, We are a couple from Wisconsin that bought a 30′ 2000 International 3800 school bus in 2018 to convert into skoolie - a school bus conversion tiny house on wheels. We decided to start sharing all of our research that went into building our skoolie to create a resource for people to plan a school bus conversion. Follow us on our journey:Check us out on Instagram : bit.ly/2FbQRkWNew Website : NumberJuanBus.co When we started thinking about what was most important for us for our school bus conversion, a bathroom with a toilet and a shower was high on that list. Unfortunately, the way our bus's wheel wells fall created a difficult challenge and limited options for how large our skoolie bathroom could be Today, we're counting down five of our absolute favorite skoolie bathrooms! While we're pretty fond of our own wetroom styled bathroom, and the layout in our little home on wheels, there are some pretty awesome skoolie bathrooms within the skoolie community. Today, we'd like to give credit where it's due and feature five of our absolute favorite skoolie bathrooms from fellow nomads

This Airbnb skoolie has everything you need, such as electricity, running water, and a king size bed. This skoolie is complete with a shower and a Nature's Head composting toilet. It's nice to be able to experience using one of these as Nature's Heads are the most popular skoolie toilet option out there right now Jun 24, 2021 - Tiny Living | It's a lifestyle. See more ideas about skoolie, school bus conversion, tiny living Jun 20, 2021 - This board is all about living in a school bus!. See more ideas about school bus, skoolie, school bus conversion If your main goal is to boondock and camp in remote locations, then composting toilets are usually the way to go. Composting toilets offer a TON of great features, including their water conscious, black-waterless, and environmentally friendly designs.. Unlike your everyday toilet, composting toilets have no flushing involved and do require a bit more maintenance

Jul 4, 2021 - Converting a school bus tips like finding, buying, demoing, and building a school bus into your tiny house on wheels. See more ideas about school bus, skoolie, house on wheels A skoolie bathroom can be anything from a tiny, curtained toilet alcove to a full bath with a comfy toilet, a sink, and a shower (or even a soaking tub!). You might take some functions outside the.. Bill is the proud owner of the skoolie bus project dubbed The Journey Visvi. He recently moved into his bus to go full-time RVing. Right now he's putting the finishing touches on his vintage skoolie RV while living inside and using his Nature's Head RV composting toilet Chris & Sarah | Skoolie Livin | School Bus Conversion | A couple converting a school bus into a tiny house to live unconventionally & find our purpose. Check out our. Why We Are Selling Our Skoolie | Reason Why A School Bus Conversion Does Not Work For Us In this video I talk about the major reasons that Skoolie life is no..

4 window / 20 ft (short bus) - $3,000 to $5,000. Once you've found the perfect bus for your needs (you can decide on the right sized skoolie using this calculator ), then it's time to look into material costs for a school bus conversion. With a tiny house, you might spend $3,000 on a roof, $2-3,000 on walls, and an additional $200-300. Welcome to Skoolie Homes, the leader in bus conversion services! Jeff and Missy Miller began their Skoolie journey to fulfill a necessity for their family to travel on a budget. Many miles later, their love for the Skoolie lifestyle blossomed into becoming an industry leader in RV bus conversion. The Millers don't just convert and sell buses Top 8 Best Composting Toilets Reviews. 1 Nature's Head Dry Composting Toilet with Standard Crank Handle - Best Composting Toilet for Cabin Installation. 2 Nature's Head Self Contained Composting Toilet - Most Comfortable Composting Toilet. 3 Separett Villa 9215 AC/DC. 4 Porta Potti White Thetford Corp Every buslifer or vandweller you ask will no doubt have an impassioned opinion on whether or not bathrooms are necessary in a vehicle conversion. For my boyfriend Aaron and me, it was a hard yes, but we have several friends who swear a bathroom isn't necessary and are perfectly content without one. There are so School Bus Conversion Bathrooms - Toilet, Shower and Plumbing Guide Read

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The options are a gravity flush toilet—such as the Domestic 320—a portable toilet—such as the Porta Potti— or a compost toilet. Image via DirtOrcas Our top pick is this compost toilet by Nature's Head which is easy to install and only needs to be emptied every 6 weeks when two people are using it The type of school bus you buy will directly affect your skoolie layout options. ADA shower and toilet Laundry and small kitchenette. Plus seating for 10 if we have guests. That would definitely take up the floor plan of a bus. At least two HVAC units on the roof. Plus as many solar panels I can fit Learn the best places to find a bathroom living in a van. Learn which toilet is the best when it comes to van life

5 Skoolie Floor Plans And Layout Ideas. School bus conversions (aka skoolies) are making a meteoric rise in the RV world! These campers are fun because they give owners a greater range of freedom and customization options Whether you want a sweet short bus floor plan or a mega 40 foot flat front bus design, we have options for you. We offer school bus conversion floor plans for 22 ft. - 40 ft., conventional or flat front, rear-engine and front engine school buses. Take a look at our 20+ floor plans and choose a Skoolie Homes design that is best suited for your. One reason that makes a DIY composting toilet such an attractive option, is that it is super easy to make. Essentially you just make a box, screw a toilet lid on it, attach a separator, put two buckets inside and ta-daah, it is ready. The main thing about a composting toilet is the separator

The bus's Spartan interior design starts at the front, where a small, stone-lined fireplace fills the dash. The lower part of the bus's walls are lined with long grain knotty pine. Twelve inch square stone-look tiles cover the floor, while the sophisticated color palette features a creamy off white covering the bus's ceiling Coastal Van Conversions. We'll go the extra mile so our clients can put on the miles! 803-917-7935. Columbia. Builders What Toilet Should I Get For My Skoolie? If you are building a skoolie you may have already looked into toilet options for when you are on the road. In this article we will go into the options that we found that can work for you while you.. The Nature's Head toilet is really simple to install. It comes with mounting brackets that are optional but I found them to work really well for my skoolie set up. I have a dedicated bathroom area in my skoolie and I wanted the toilet to stay in its place especially when I am driving

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Starting Your Skoolie Conversion. The bus we purchased is a 2001 International with a DT466e engine and an Allison 2000 automatic transmission. It had a little over 128k miles on it, was already painted grey and had the rear side handicap door we were looking for. We started our skoolie conversion where most people do, taking out the seats 22 Skoolie School Bus RV Conversion Homes. No comment. I recommend installing a composting toilet which is odorless due to its power fan and should cost around 1000$. Mounting the hot water system and plumbing by yourself can be tricky so don't hesitate on calling a professional if you lack knowledge and experience in this field. The Hot.

Let's talk about shit. It's not my favourite topic in #vanlife because I haven't found 'the best option' yet but I guess it's essential to discuss. In my res.. What You Can Have In A Skoolie v.s A Sprinter Van. Because a full size bus has 20 extra feet than a van and a foot of extra height it will be easier to have more. Quickly, the larger living areas in a bus will allow so many full size options like. King Bed

The additional challenge posed by a skoolie conversion is the rounded roofs and wheel wells. This means planning ahead in your floor plan to leave space to cover the wheel wells with things like a custom couch instead of a toilet. The curves of a school bus roof can cause major problems even with the most skilled carpenters Your home on wheels has a few different options when it comes to insurance. It's best to talk with an agent to figure out the right choice for you, however, these are a few popular options many bus lifers go with. Car Insurance. By going with traditional car insurance for your skoolie, you're not accounting for the work done to the bus The SereneLife Outdoor Portable Toilet is the closest thing to a real toilet you can expect when you're out in the wilderness. It has a 5.3 gallon water tank, so you don't have to empty it as often. Plus, it offers three-way pistol flush, a no-spill removal system, and a portable toilet bag for easy carrying More ideas from . Chris & Sarah | Skoolie Livin | School Bus Conversion Bus Life Composting Toilet Flush Toilet Toilets Good Things Canning Flushed Away Bathrooms Toilet Skoolie Toilet Options: The Best Toilets for Bus Lif The School Bus Conversion Guide | Building a Tiny Home On Wheels. Doing a school bus conversion is one of the most fulfilling yet challenging things that Erin and I have ever done together. This guide is designed to take you through the order we completed all the projects. If you're in the research stage to see if converting a school bus into.

Cozy, contemporary and romantic this bus conversion is a perfect getaway for someone who wants a unique experience or wants to try out the Buslife. The Skoolie is undergoing renovation right now. She will be available this Fall. Can't wait! Quick Facts. 11 Window School Bus. Bathroom & Composting Toilet We offer a range of accommodation options, all of which come with the shared Homestead amenities. In return for sharing our home, guests are encouraged to share in the community ideal - helping out where they can. If you already have a Skoolie and need space to work on it, the Homestead offers space, like-minded people and support A toilet design like this helps to keep everything clean and sanitary. The biggest plus to this is a great reduction in smell. This is important when traveling around in a van and being in confined spaces. Best portable toilet for living in a van. When choosing the best portable toilet there were a few things that I considered 2017 was a peak for tiny house living. Alaska, Vermont, Oregon, Maine, and Colorado were the states most frequently pursuing off-grid lifestyles. So in this round-up, we share the most exciting 12 alternatives to log cabin living, but remaining off-grid: Skoolies (i.e. RV Conversion or Bus Conversion) Birckawood. Tumbleweed Jun 1, 2021 - Explore Chris & Sarah | Skoolie Livin 's board Skoolie Build, followed by 2900 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about skoolie, school bus conversion, bus conversion

Insulating & installing a skoolie subfloor can seem like a daunting task because there are so many options. In this article, we're going to share with you our thought process and what we decided to do for our skoolie subfloor See Video Tour: Fully loaded off-grid tiny home! 5K in BRAND NEW TIRES & Recent Maintenance -5,500 watt bulit in ultra quiet cummings generator with dedicated 20 gallon tank. -8,000..

Whether it's a skoolie or van build-out, most professional conversion companies start at $35,000. But, note - this is just a starting point. But, note - this is just a starting point. If you want a full off-grid solar system, a shower, toilet, and custom cabinetry, you're going to have to expect to spend a lot more As a matter of fact, after a year of living in the bus, there are parts that look completely different from our original skoolie build. We decided an updated skoolie floor plan and bus tour were in order, so we headed back to Rock Creek, Montana - the first place we ever took our skoolie and where we happened to shoot our first ever tour of the bus

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Husband and wife Jeff and Anna Batterton have five kids, two dogs, and a cat. The entire family lives and travels on a 270-square-foot school bus they bought and renovated for $35,000. The couple designed and built the bus, and it has a skylight, rainfall shower, and a king-sized bed. Visit Insider's homepage for more stories We used the toilet once for a poo. Well Mike did. And let me tell you- it got really funky, really fast. We laid down 2 inches of peat moss (a lot of people said it was the better option) on the bottom of the bucket (as per the internet instructions) and then he covered it totally with more peat moss when he was done

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2. Skoolie Livin: 2000 International 3800. Sarah and Chris purchased their mid-size skoolie for $4,000 in November 2018. Originally, the bus was used as a school bus in Virginia Beach, VA. The total cost of renovations was $23,000 which put their total cost at $27,000 In-depth video tutorials that teach you exactly how to convert your bus. Access to one-on-one help from someone who converts buses for a living. All of the conversion information you need in one place. Support from a group of fellow bus converters. A clearly laid out plan for completing your conversion Truck bed campers provide an excellent middle-ground option for overland travel: they are smaller and more agile than RVs and travel trailers but more comfortable and luxurious than tents. Many even have toilets and showers, among other amenities. Plus, they can easily be removed from the truck. In this article, we'll look at 7 of 7 Truck Bed Campers with a Shower and Toilet Read Thus the Skoolie Timeline was born. What are you converting your bus into? Our goal is to convert our school bus into an RV of sorts. It will be a tiny home on wheels! We aren't sure to what extent we will convert the bus at this point but that will come later. The important things are: - food prep space (stove and sink) - toilet - be

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  1. As the lease on their townhouse was ending in 2016, Hannah, 25, and Ian, 27, looked for options. They attended a few tiny house shows, where they discovered skoolies. They found a 1990 school bus.
  2. i wood burning stove, and a seating area with table
  3. 2001 International Bus. This Skoolie has been turned into the perfect tiny home on wheels. Great for camping with full hookups or short boondocking. The kitchen has a two burner cooktop, sink with faucet, fridge and plenty of storage. There's a dinette and small sofa, both which turn into sleeping areas which are perfect for kids or short adults
  4. November 30th, 2020. Skoolie and RV Compound. We loved our stay at the desert rose collective. Rosemarie has created an oasis in the desert, with thoughtful touches everywhere you look from the potbelly stove near the bar to the buddha lounge and firepit to the lounge chairs perfect for grabbing an afternoon nap in the sun
  5. Building a Skoolie Was In This Couple's Wheelhouse. This school bus turned tiny house has all the comforts of home in 187 square feet. Photo courtesy of Hannah Hernandez. Shortly after Hannah and Ian Hernandez began dating five years ago, they took their relationship on the road. They drove together from Florida to California and back
  6. 3. Keep the location of toilet paper well away from shower spray. Learn to use a 'tabo' or similar as an option too. 4. 'Stepless'shower bases can be fabricated or purchased. The entire bathroom floor drains naturally back to the shower drain by design. This DOES require either wet area vinyl floor or preplanning to achieve in most.
  7. Top Rated Class A Motor Home Rental Starting at $124/night in Biltmore Forest, NC. Sleeps 4 People, View 27 pictures. Best Price Guarantee! Check Availability Now

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Let's look at a few options that are available to be able to condition the air in a camper van. Roof Air Conditioner. The most common type of air conditioner unit in vans and other RVs is the roof type. These air conditioner units are mounted onto the roof and direct air-conditioned air down into the van from the ceiling The cost to DIY a skoolie, with all the home comforts such as a working kitchen and bathroom, can cost $10,000 to $30,000. However, repurposing building materials and lots of sweat equity can significantly reduce the conversion amount

Air Head composting toilet. Corner sink. Seat and Floor removal. Heater Removal. Rust kill, minor floor repair, and prime. Windows and roof sealed. Emergency hatches removed and sealed. A moisture barrier, rigid foam insulation, and plywood sub-floor. Fiberglass insulation over existing walls. VIEW OUR UPGRADED DESIGN PACKAGES. View Options. Keep reading to see the highlights of this short bus skoolie build! THE PERFECT SKOOLIE LAYOUT. This little bus really does have the perfect layout - space for everything, including a bathroom and closet, while maintaining the most open layout possible. A couch with storage sits across from the kitchen, the bathroom and closet are opposite each other just behind, and the little master.

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  1. Every bus conversion/skoolie is a custom creation so there is no exact blueprint for your conversion. Even the order in which you remove and add certain systems to your conversion will depend greatly on your bus style, budget, time, expertise, and personal preference. That being said this is Skoolie Everything's definitive guide to a bus.
  2. Total price: $1,056.67. Add all three to Cart Add all three to List. These items are shipped from and sold by different sellers. Show details. Buy the selected items together. This item: Nature's Head Dry Composting Toilet with Standard Crank Handle $978.99. Ships from and sold by Boat and RV Accessories
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  4. The toilet is a wet bath with a Nature's Head composting toilet. On the roof, there's a patio deck and two big solar panels that provide the RV with electricity. You can follow the Vicaribus adventures on YouTube and on Heather and Nick's blog. 3. Brad's ex-shuttle bus skoolie conversio
  5. In my skoolie I have a bench along ea wall: 15in tall x 6ft long x 28in wide. I didn't feel like removing them as they are gaucho beds the previous owner built in. On top of the benches, I placed 2 metal pole & wire rack shelving units (54in Hx 36in W x 14in D). I had them already, but can be bought @ Wally world or Lowe's for about $50/ea
  6. Joeseph & Jennifer Davis from DFW, Texas accidentally won an online auction to buy a school bus in Arkansas so they could build their tiny home on wheels. The story they share not only made us laugh, but it inspired us because they show exactly how they pulled up their boots, jumped over some red tape, and just made it happen
  7. However, you are going to have to sacrifice some features that you might be able to build in a larger sized school bus conversion, such as a separate shower and toilet room, kitchen counter space, a larger sized bed, closet space, fridge and freezer space, and skoolie floor plan layout options

Compact Electric Waterless Medium Capacity Self Contained Composting Toilet in White The Sun-Mar Compact is an elegant, low profile, The Sun-Mar Compact is an elegant, low profile, medium capacity, electric composting toilet. All Sun-Mar composting toilets incorporate a patented Bio-drum which ensures fast and odorless decomposition Skoolie.Homes - A platform dedicated to skoolies, with school bus conversion guides, tips, and services for those seeking professional help. Learn more about the wild drive life of owning a bus conversion. Skoolie.Net - The unofficial platform of the Skoolie bus conversion tiny house community. For anyone looking for discussions and a place. The two primary full-sized body styles are the conventional dog nose (Type C) with the hood out in front of the driver and the entrance behind the front wheels, or a flat nose, with no hood at all (Type D), which can be front-engine (FE), rear-engine (RE) or mid-engine, both with the entrance in front of the front wheels.. The obvious draw to having a full-sized bus is the increased floor. Nature's Head Composting Toilet with Spider Handle. $925.00. The Nature's Head comes with a 12V plug. If you will be using your Nature's Head with 110V power, you will need to add the 12V transformer/adaptor to your order. Mounting brackets, fuse, fuse holder, agitator, handle, inside vent flange, and 5 feet of venting hose with attached ends.

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Keep reading to learn more about the crew called the Dixie Tribe and their skoolie! AN OPEN FLOOR PLAN. Skoolie floor plans vary so much, as they're very dependent on the needs of each individual family. We've seen skoolies that had huge workbenches for the owner's business or were actually stores or studios on wheels, skoolies that have multiple bunk bed systems because of a large. Wired for 12 volt. Household adapter available in our shop. All toilets come with a 5-Year Warranty. Seat Type. Choose an option Household Marine. Crank Handle Option. Choose an option A: on left when facing B: on right when facing. Fan Housing Option. Choose an option Right angle fan housing Straight fan housing 18″ vanity. 40″ x 24″ shower. CONVERSION PREP SERVICES. Seat and floor removal. Heater removal. Rust kill, minor floor repair, and prime. Windows and roof sealed. Emergency hatches removed and sealed. A moisture barrier, rigid foam insulation, and plywood subfloor