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5. Shoestring Fries. You allow your imagination to run wild and never lost that child-like wonder for the world. You take life day-by-day, stopping to admire the little things along the way. While steak fry lovers could learn a thing or two from you, you could learn a thing or two from them as well If sweet potato pie is your favorite pie, it means you have an incredible inner strength. Your inner strength could rip a phone book in half or punch a wild boar 5. The one that gets on your nerves but you love. 6. The girl your ex cheated on you with. 7. The friend that is always listening to country music 8. The friend who is a huge flirt. 9. The friend that talks about pickles all the time. 10. Your current crush. 11. That friend that is up all night on caffeine. 12 The Ham Girl. If she picks the ham, she's your creative thinker. There are so many things you can do with a ham: glazed or unglazed, cover it in brown sugar, smoke it, fry it, bake it, throw some pineapples on it if you're crazy, slice it, chunk it, dunk it, etc. Any person who can make the decision on what the hell to do with the ham has to.

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What Your Favorite Dog Breed Says About You. by Modi Ramos. Facebook Pin Email Print. Being active is very much your thing because you're not one to be known as a couch potato. Mixed Breed. There are no frills about you, and you enjoy living life to the fullest. Spontaneity is your thing, and you don't like to plan things too far in. Your favorite classic snack, made easier and cheesier. Boom. Get Recipe. Sweet + Salty Snack. You're easygoing and always prepared for whatever comes your way. You choose snacks that go with the flow Get Anime Merch here: http://bit.ly/MVPerryAnimeApparelGet Memes Merch here: http://bit.ly/MVPerryMemesApparel Use code meme for an Extra 5% discount ($49+.. Macaroni and Cheese. Getty. You're a purist. You love the comfort of classics, whether it be movies, books, or your favorite meal. Macaroni and cheese may not be the most creative or even best.

Whether you know it or not, every time you arrive at a party with your favorite homemade dip, you are making a statement. Since all the other guests are secretly judging you, we thought you'd like to know what your signature dip says about you With your favorite breed, there are often certain characteristics and stereotypes that you will see in their owners. They can tell how friendly, how intelligent, how protective you might be. Read on to see if your favorite breed is listed and what they say about their owner

Why would you choose that as your favorite pie? No, seriously, I'm asking you. Sweet potato pie lovers are used to the confused looks while they reach for a slice, and they know they don't. Nov 27, 2015 - As they say, you are what you eat. Pinterest. Today. Explore. What Your Favorite Thanksgiving Food Says About You. As they say, you are what you eat. Article by BuzzFeed. Dairy Free Mashed Potatoes Making Mashed Potatoes Parsnip Recipes Potato Recipes Dairy Free Recipes Healthy Recipes Lemon Recipes Top Recipes Side Recipes You love when the leaves change colors, when a dog greets you at the door, and when a baby laughs at a silly face you make. Stuffing. Thanksgiving is your absolute favorite holiday. You love being together with your family, drinking a good red wine with dinner, and fighting to be the one who gets to break the wishbone this year. Sweet Potato.

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This Is What Your Favorite Thanksgiving Dish Says About Your Personality. Turkey. Let's talk turkey. It's the star of the Thanksgiving table, and you're all about the main event! Turkey is a semi-healthy food that you want on your plate. It's honest and straightforward, like you. Hey, a second helping might even be in order. While you. Sat, 05/08/2021 - 12:00 Let's Meat Your Match: What Your Favorite Grilled Meat Says About You. ST. LOUIS (May 7, 2021) -- Save A Lot, one of the largest discount grocery store chains in the United States, is not only passionate about providing fresh, high quality cuts of meat to its customers, but having fun while doing it

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  1. If your favorite side is the sweet potatoes, you're probably just here for the dessert. Sweet potato casserole is made with marshmallows—literally. And, while there's nothing wrong with liking sweets, there's something a little wrong about going to Thanksgiving just for dessert
  2. Here's what your meat-and-three order says about you. Meatloaf + Mashed Potatoes with Gravy + Butter Beans + Broccoli Casserole You'd rather stay in to watch your favorite show on Netflix.
  3. What Your Favorite Thanksgiving Dish Says About You. Brandon Specktor Updated: Apr. 29, 2021. The feast of life draws some strange eaters. If you love sweet-potato casserole
  4. shutterstock. Pumpkin pie, pecan pie, chocolate pudding pie... whatever your favorite is says a lot about you. No Thanksgiving plate would be complete without dessert, and the dessert du jour is the pie. Apple pie, pumpkin pie, sweet potato pie, even the unseasonal strawberry pie: They're all great. And they all help to make the wonderful.

Potato Salad. The family's most die-hard patriot. Someone who came to celebrate the Fourth of July and is going to do so to his heart's content. Whether than means forgoing protein altogether or. Lime. Lime. Lime potato chip lovers are the friendliest! You're easy to get along with and have a lot of friends because of your amiable personality. BBQ. BBQ. BBQ chip lovers are super confident. You're a go-getter who's resilience and determination will get you far in life. Sour Cream and Onion

If you're going into business or on a team with a potato chip lover, you better hope they're on your side! Best match: Pretzel eaters. Other potato chip snackers may work, as long as they don't. 5. Tangy or citrus foods. If you crave tangy, citrus or sour foods, you may be anxious, stressed, and on high alert as far as your health goes. Luckily, the very things you crave can boost your. What Potato Chip Flavor Are You? It's crunch time. by Sarah Aspler. BuzzFeed Staff, Canada. Share This Article. Facebook. Pinterest

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  1. So, you like to feel safe and cozy. Or you've just never outgrown asking for the same thing at the buffet line as your grandpa. You'd rather stay in to watch your favorite show on Netflix on a Friday night than go out, and you're fully confident that watching Lorelai Gilmore walk around Stars Hollow with her fifth cup of coffee is way more fun than risking a red wine headache after a night out
  2. If you simply cannot decide on which is your absolute favorite hue, then a good idea is to consider what each hue says about personality, and see how it all comes together for you. If the hue meaning of your two favorites clash substantially, it could indicate that you are in the midst of an identity crisis, of sorts, or could indicate that you.
  3. ed person, you have quite a soft spot
  4. With so many Lay's flavors to choose from, it's hard to pick a favorite. Fortunately, we've developed a secret formula to match your unique personality with the perfect chip flavor. Take the quiz to find out which flavor you are
  5. You've surely heard the expression you are what you eat, but that is particularly true when it comes to the biggest sporting event of the year. What you put on your plate can probably say a lot about your personality (or the traits of the other people at the party you're attending). First, pick your favorite Super Bowl food from Cheap Beer, Vegetarian Chili, Potato Skins, Six-Foot.
  6. Whether you reach for the turkey, mashed potatoes or stuffing, your go-to Thanksgiving dish is very telling of who you are. Keep scrolling to learn what your fave holiday delicacy reveals about your personality. Turkey. You ' re a no-nonsense individual who isn ' t afraid to go after what they want. You always have a plan that you stick to.

SAN FRANCISCO, March 10, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- America's favorite snack has its own day of recognition on March 14 with National Potato Chip Day. SKOUT, the global app that helps you meet new. You are thick and impenetrable, able to handle any bump in the road. Ham. If you choose ham as your favorite holiday fare, then you also enjoy taking center stage, with everyone gathered around you. You're a star: the centerpiece of any event. Dumplings. A favorite in Asia, dumplings grace a wide range of holiday tables

Your go-to bottle of vodka doesn't just speak to your preferences on wheat versus potatoes, flavored vs unflavored, super expensive vs dirt cheap; it also says a lot about your personality. If. It's true — your junk food preferences say more about your personality than you might think. Here is what your favorite not so healthy snack says about you What It Says About You: You're a 17 year old girl who lives in Ohio and you hate things that are cookie-cutter. You write fan letters to Chloe Sevigny and it bums you out that no one, besides your best friend August, knows who Jean-Luc Godard is. Oh, and you kind of want to marry Joseph Gordon-Levitt or Paul Dano There are plenty of tests and quizzes that can reveal hidden aspects of your personality, but what your favorite pie says about you may very well be the end all, be all. Sweet Potato. Friends.

So, yes — you can eat them guilt-free. #winwin. So what's your favorite popchips® flavor? And do you know what your go-to flavor says about you? Read on to learn about your chip personality. Cheddar & Sour Cream You're the perfect combination of c omforting friend and partner in crime. You know how to keep things real and friends feel. At least you have great taste in pie. Don't let anyone take that—or your pie—away from you. Ever. Cherry pie. You're optimistic. To you, life truly is a bowl of bright red cherries. If the occasional disaster strikes—like your favorite cherry not being in season yet—you handle it with grace and poise

If Gina is your favorite character, it's possible that you have a bit of an addiction to your phone and social media, but that's okay because you also most likely use all of the power gained from your influencing for good instead of evil. You could also be a genius stuck in a job that doesn't utilize your talents. 7 Hitchcock & Scull 100k Midas Sword. - You have the ability to flex. 1B Midas Sword. - You are TimeDeo. 100M Midas Staff. - You get bullied for using a spoon. - You bully others for not being able to do tens of millions of damage per hit. - You were part of the massive deflation of Scorpius. - You are a mage Researchers Reveal What Your Favorite Snack Says About Your Personality By Alberto010 (self meida writer) | 3 months If you'd like to get to know a person more, you can have a go at noticing the sort of food they appreciate eating And your Disney film of choice says more than just what VHS was worn to tatters from merciless overuse when you were eight; it says which 1 hour and 30 minutes contained your tiny little dreams. So put on your Tinkerbell costume (you know you still have it), get out your stuffed Boo doll, and settle in for a little trip down One Day My Prince. But have you ever wondered what your beloved side dish says about you? Believe it or not, your favorite Thanksgiving side actually has quite a lot to say about your personality! Take a gander at the list below to see if it's accurate or not! • Sweet Potato Casserole- You're a softy and sweetheart! You appreciate the little things in.

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What Your Favorite Thanksgiving Food Says About You. By Renee Jacques & Nick Wing. 11/27/2013 04:55pm EST You're the mashed potato's enigmatic, eccentric sibling. You can't make decisions, and because of that, you insist on having things two different ways at the same time What Your Favorite Chicago-Themed Backdrop Says About You TikTok maven Elizabeth Gomez recommends six backgrounds that send just the right message about you. June 8, 2021, 7:49 a You might think your friends know a lot about you — or even that you're pretty self aware, but the true test of finding out more about yourself lies in your favorite fried side: the french fry. Read on for what your pick says about you. 1. Curly fries. You're the life of every party (obviously). Always the first one to get the dance floor. Macaroni and Cheese Julia Gilman. If macaroni and cheese is your first choice you are still a child-at-heart. You are sensitive and care deeply about your family and friends. Thanksgiving and the holiday season, as a whole, is your favorite part of the year

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What Your Favorite Font Says About Your Past Life. I cannot say which one. You were aggressive and once didn't cry for twelve years. The 24-Hour Fermented Potato Juice Cleanse You like to manipulate other people into doing things for you. Mushroom, Triple Mushroom, Mushroom Cannon, Dash Ring, and Golden Mushroom You like to rush to get everything done on time the moment you get your assignments Sweet Potato Pie; Is sweet potato your favorite pie? If so, you are as Southern as can be. Sweet potato pie is a delicious, creamy alchemy of some of the loveliest Southern flavors. Vanilla, cinnamon, nutmeg, allspice, and the hearty sweet potato create an unforgettable pie that is as autumnal as it is holiday ready Steak fries: OK, we're going to give it to you straight: You're bland. You would be well advised to spice up your fry choice and your life. Sweet potato fries: To be honest, you're a little annoying. Sweet potato fries are the most high maintenance of all French fries

What if I told you that your favorite soup is a direct indicator of your personality? Well, it's very true. After many years of non-scientific research, we've determined there is a very specific corre. Article by Rhonda McMahon At your Thanksgiving table, there will undoubtedly be a few pies to choose from, and we can tell you what your favorite pie says about your personality

What Your Favorite ROYCE' Chocolate Says About You. by ROYCE' Chocolate January 14, 2019. If there's a ROYCE' Japanese-style chocolate you're always craving, maybe the reason you're craving it has something to do with your personality What Your Favorite Cocktail Says About Your Personality. According to a new study, whether someone orders a bitter gin and tonic or a sweet piña colada could reveal a lot about their personality—and you may not like what science has to say. By now we all know that we shouldn't judge a book by its cover. However, you might want to reconsider. Valentine's Day is a little bit about love, and a whole lot about candy. There's the classic box of mixed chocolates or a box of Sweethearts, but then there's the seasonal Kit Kat bars and Airheads that always need to make an appearance. Where do you start? We want to know: What's your favorite Valentine's Day candy? Make up your mind, and then find out what that really says about you According to Michaels, the key to accomplishing a flat, toned tummy is to ditch the alcoholic beverages. Don't drink too much alcohol, she told POPSUGAR. Really try to bring this to four drinks.

Happy National Potato Chip Day! March 14 is a day to grab a bag of your favorite chips and chow down, but it's a day that probably wouldn't even exist had it not been for a 19th century chef in. Do you opt for apple or pumpkin? The word Insider. Set up later Two crossed lines that form an 'X'. It indicates a way to close an interaction, or dismiss a notification. A vertical stack of three evenly spaced horizontal lines. A magnifying glass. It indicates, Click to perform a search.. Whether you reach for the classic chocolate chip cookie or can't keep your hands off the snickerdoodles, a little piece of your personality is revealed in each bite! Read on to find out who you are based on your favorite sweet treat Kielbasa with onions and peppers, and potatoes. Simple marinated Tri Tip over the fire. Nothing fancy. Getting back to basics where food, fire, and fun are all combined into a little rustic sumpin' sumpin' called campfire cooking. Share your ideas, methods, and recipes where conversation is best. Dat Fire

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Roasting potatoes before tossing them with a (usually) mayo-based dressing gives your salad a stronger backbone. You can add roasted potatoes to any potato salad you desire, but I highly recommend. NEW YORK CITY -- Responding to a stabbing call, officers in New York City saved a person's life earlier this month by using a potato chip bag and some tape. On July 7, Officer Ronald Kennedy and. It's part three of what I called AMA with AMAnda and Sarah. We're chatting about our favorite recipes, cooking blogs, and cookbooks, favorite french fries, seasonal re-reading, contemporary cozy mysteries with romantic elements, trends, and adventure romance recs. Plus, how to snowboard while holding an onion Cook stirring often about 12 - 15 minutes or until well browned and caramelized. Add the vinegar and let cool. In a bowl combine onions, sour cream, cream cheese and salt & pepper to taste. Tip: Reserve 1 TBSP of the onion mixture as a topping to the dip. Can serve in a ramekin or small red pepper

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Hirsch had 800 volunteers choose their favourite snacks and fill out a personality test. Same-snackers shared personality traits a stunning 95% of the time. 1 ) potato chips - you're ambitious and competitive, only the best is good enough for you and your family and you're determined to get it for them Scientists Reveal What Your Favorite Snack Says About Your Personality If you'd like to get to know a person more, you can try observing the type of food they enjoy eating. According to research , specific snacks and flavors can be a signal to a person's personality type Surely you didn't assume your fry order was limited merely to a matter of taste! No, no, fairest fry fiend, your favorite variety matters a great deal. Think of French fries as edible personality tests. They reveal to the world what makes you, you. And while we all love fries, you might not know what your particular choice means. Don't worry

If you love pizza, then you love surrounding yourself with others. Your favorite foods and drinks can reveal a lot about your personality. If you enjoy your macaroni and cheese straight from the blue box, you're probably a child at heart. Those who like their foods spicy with hot sauce are definitely adrenaline junkies But they definitely do say a lot about what you like to have in your life, and that's why they can identify elements of your personality. One thing does unite all of us, however: food

In this survey of 1,000 Americans completed by Synovate, salsa and ketchup tied for the favorite condiment with mayonnaise, salad dressing and barbecue sauce close behind. Mustard was the second favorite choice. Find out what your favorite condiment sauce says about you: Salsa's strength is in the West, where consumers are more likely to love. Pretty much any potato would work in a potato salad, depending on what your personal preferences are. For potato salad, I love Yukons, red bliss potatoes, I make a sweet potato salad with yams—it depends on the look and textures you're looking for, says Tanya Holland, chef and restaurateur at Brown Sugar Kitchen in Oakland, Calif. and host of the podcast Tanya's Table 6. Blue cheese. Tastebuds of steel this one, with a knack for the stronger stuff. When it comes to cheese, this is one for the hardcore fans out there, and not for those after a milder taste. This. Most of your passport pages are filled up, and you took out additional life insurance in the event you end up in some native village with a tire around your neck. Your daughter's name is Holland, and like your favorite cartridge, you never go anywhere without a belt. 8. .45-70 Government You sir, were born a century too late You're all ready. It's Friday night, the long week is over and you've already finished getting ready to your GNO Spotify playlist while curling your hair and putting on your favorite Maybelline mascara. You of course take a snap for your story -- you have to let everyone know that 1) you're going out and 2) you'r

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It may depend on your mood, the weather or the city you're in, but did you know your favorite junk food can also be indicative of your personality? It's true — your junk food preferences say more about your personality than you might think. Donuts. It's the sweet ones that go for the donuts Whether you're the first one in line for the turkey, pumpkin pie or mashed potatoes, your favorite Thanksgiving food speaks to your personality more than you might realize. Here's what your go-to Thanksgiving dish says about you. Cranberry Sauce. Anyone who fills their plate with cranberry sauce is likely the sweet one of the bunch

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Your choice in snack food is actually a pretty spot-on predictor as to where you grew up. It's all those snack choices you made in your formative years that inform your taste today. What you reach for when you need to eat something that's going to take the edge off before dinner says a whole lot about who you are inside Below pick your go to snack and see what it says about you! Popcorn. You're confident. You're self-assured and courageous. Crackers. You're sensitive. You're shy in introspective. Potato chips. You're very successful and love to bring out the best in those around you! Pretzels. You're adventurous thrilled by a challenge. Cheese. Turkey has been almost inextricably linked to the holiday. According to the National Turkey Federation, nearly 90% of Americans consume turkey on Thanksgiving Day, whether roasted, grilled, or deep-fried. Stuffing, mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce, and pumpkin pie are additional traditional foods. Start the Qui Panasonic. This 55+ female has a definite sweet tooth. Plum tarts, neapolitan ice cream, fruit cakes, and rhubarb crumble are her favorite foods. So if you like your snacks sweet you might just be more inclined to buy a Panasonic camera. She likes to be outside breathing in the fresh air while gardening or birdwatching

Sweet Things' owner, Chris Williams, claims he can predict your personality by the ice cream flavor you order. Williams seems to have President Donald Trump nailed. I tell him The Donald's favorite flavor is supposedly cherry vanilla. He replies that choosing cherry vanilla illuminates the dichotomy of a seemingly traditional straight. The dish you secretly keep a watchful eye on to make sure no one takes too much reveals a lot about you. This Thanksgiving think long and hard before you decide your favorite dish - it could determine the flavor of the rest of your life. Mashed potatoes. The life of the party - Look at you, so popular and fun and loveable. When you're. Much like a horoscope can be revealing, when someone tells me their favorite fast food restaurant, I feel like I'm looking deep into their soul. I can tell so much about a person just by knowing where they prefer to get their burger and fries.It's more than a McDouble though—it's about the culture and personality of the brand that defines who you are

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The Late-Night Sandwich: The Innovator. You're always thinking outside of the box and you're the person people look to for big ideas. I mean, look at what you've done: You've taken all of the best Thanksgiving foods and merged them into one amazing sandwich. You also play a mean long game Most of your passport pages are filled up, and you took out additional life insurance in the event you end up in some native village with a tire around your neck. Your daughter's name is Holland, and like your favorite cartridge, you never go anywhere without a belt. undefined 8. .45/70 Government You sir, were born a century too late. You. What Your Favorite Harry Potter Book Says About You. The books that we regularly return to say volumes about our personalities and preferences. When you factor in the Harry Potter ingredient, and consider just how much of our lives revolve around revisiting the fandom and all of its theories and babble - why, there's a reason to the.