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  1. Join some of the best in the business! Our crew is passionate about marine life and has been working in the whale watch industry for years. Our trips depart from Monterey Harbor, which is an ideal place for local activities before or after your trip such as Monterey Fisherman's Wharf, Monterey Bay Aquarium, Cannery Row and the scenic coast line of Pacific Grove
  2. Whale Watching Tours. (831) 372-2203. Serving Monterey and the Surrounding Area. My husband and I went on a whale watching tour after meeting an employee the day before who more. 4. Bella On The Bay Monterey. 113. Boat Charters, Whale Watching Tours, Sailing. (818) 822-2390
  3. Monterey Bay Whale Watch sponsored a fund-raising whale-watching boat trip for the Monterey Bay Chapter of the American Cetacean Society (ACS/MB) on Sunday, August 21, 2005. On August 2, 2005: Nancy Black gave a presentation entitled Orcas: Behavior and Ecology of Killer Whales at the Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach, CA
  4. The Monterey Bay attracts thousands of tourists each year with many of them wildlife lovers. Whether visiting for a day trip or in the area on vacation, whale watching is one of the best activities to choose when looking for things to do in Monterey, CA

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Whale Watching Safaris board in Moss Landing for the best viewing of humpbacks, blue whales, and oceanic dolphins, 3hrs. (April through November) Fast Raft Ocean Safaris are the most exhilarating way to explore the beautiful Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary. Our low-to-the-water boat, Ranger, is comfortable, quiet, and highly maneuverable. Our vessels meet the latest USCG regulations carrying life vests for all passengers and all other required safety equipment. Enjoy your Monterey Whale Watching Tour on one of the two largest and finest vessels in the fleet: the Princess Monterey and the Atlantis Monterey. You'll enjoy: heated cabin. hot and cold beverages WHALE WATCHING In Monterey California is one of the only places in the world where visitors can see whales year-round, and there's no better place for whale watching than Monterey. While in many areas whale watchers have to go far from shore to see a whale, along the Monterey coast whales can sometimes be seen offshore with the naked eye The most common whale spotted out of Monterey Bay is the Humpback whale, usually seen from April through November. Monterey Bay whale watching also means that from December through April, you will get to observe the Gray Whales; over 20,000 Gray Whales pass through our waters off of Santa Cruz in Monterey Bay

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However, Monterey in California is an excellent year-round whale watching destination, as you can spot those many whales all year long from January to December. How Long Is the Whale Watching Trip. The morning whale watching tour in Monterey Bay lasts between 3.5 to 4 hours. The afternoon tour has a shorter duration and takes between 2.5 and 3. Whale Watching Tours. 96 Fishermans Wharf. , Monterey, CA. We got some good looks at the whales, saw a nice big pod of Risso's dolphins, and lots of sea lions & sea otters. In 53 reviews. 4. Chris' Fishing Trips and Whale Watching. 177 reviews You can see the gray whales anywhere along the California coast. Whale watching cruises operate from San Diego, Dana Point, Long Beach, Ventura, Santa Barbara, Monterey, Half Moon Bay and San Francisco . You can also see them from land, especially from any part of the coastline that juts into the sea, where they typically come closest to land

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  1. Our primary whale watch vessel is the Pacifica which measure 50ft in length and carries up to 48 passengers. We only take 35 passengers per trip to allow for more personal time with the crew and comfort while riding on board. From time to time we may use a different vessel depending on availability such as: The 65ft Chubasco or 55ft New Horizon
  2. When is whale watching season in Monterey Bay? Every month of the year! We first observe the gray whales heading south on their way to their breeding grounds in the protected lagoons of Baja California and then again on their journey north to the Bering and Chukchi seas in Alaska; a round trip of about 10,000-14,000 miles..
  3. Whale Watching Near Monterey Explore Monterey's canyon of the whales Because of the cold, food-rich 1-mile-/1.6-km-deep Monterey submarine canyon just offshore, whales and marine mammals thrive here, making it an outstanding place to see whales year-round
  4. 66 Old Fisherman's Wharf #1 Monterey, CA 93940. Monterey Bay is the premier destination for whale watching year round. Our daily whale watch trips are narrated by a marine biologist or naturalist who provides educational and interesting information. More Details View Map Add To Trip
  5. Half-day whale watching tour, from Monterey. Keep an eye out for whales, dolphins, sea lions, and birds during this cruise on the Pacific Ocean. Learn about the whales and California's marine life from the guide. Set out from Monterey Bay, a premiere whale watching destination. Saved to wishlist
  6. The ocean at Point Lobos is home to sea lions, harbor seals, elephant seals, sea otters, and is a year-round stopping point for orcas. Visitors can even whale-watch without leaving dry land; gray whales migrate past this area from December to April, and can be easily seen from the coast

Monterey Bay Whale Watch. I was on a half-day whale watching tour with the Monterey Bay Whale Watch which is one of a few operations that do whale watching from Old Fisherman's Wharf in Monterey. When I was a kid in the area, the only whale watching boats doubled as deep-sea fishing boats in the early morning then got hosed off and reused as sightseeing boats in the afternoon Sea Spirit Santa Cruz provides the best Whale Watching & Great White Shark Safari tours on the Monterey Bay Sanctuary, California. Family Friendly ocean trips Our tour with Discovery Whale Watch One of the top attractions in Monterey is certainly a Whale Watching Tour. California, and Monterey Bay in particular, is one of the few places in the world where you can see whales all year round. While in many other areas you have to go by boat far away from the shore for whale watching, whales along the coast of Monterey can sometimes be seen with. Enjoy the best views and whale watching in Big Sur in California! There's so much more to do in California, so why not head to Monterey to explore the sights and see some more sea otters. Or you could head further up the coast to fun-filled San Francisco to continue your adventures 1. Point Lobos State National Reserve. Everyone knows that whale watching in Monterey is as good as it gets—and Point Lobos State National Reserve is further proof as to why. Often visited for whale watching in California, this can't-miss state park boasts breathtaking beauty, fascinating wildlife, great hiking trails, and a team of friendly and knowledgeable volunteers who help you have.

https://www.chriswhalewatching.com/Best of Whale Watching on the Monterey Bay as of 7.16.2016. Blue Whales, Humpback Whales, Leatherback Sea Turtle, Common D.. The Hotel Abrego whale watching package includes overnight accommodations for two, two adult whale watch tickets, and a complimentary marine mammal guide. Monterey Bay Inn offers a package featuring elegant accommodations, continental breakfast for two, and two discounted adult whale watch tickets. The Casa Munras Garden Hotel and Spa offers a. Monterey Bay is one of the most spectacular places for whale watching in California and the whole U.S. Agencies are just itching to take excited wannabe whale watchers out on the gorgeous ocean to make that fantasy a reality. Boat charters and whale-watching tours are lined up along Monterey's beaches and docks. Some of the best tours and agencies in Monterey are known for either their. Monterey Bay Whale Watch Trip Schedule. We offer the following trips during the summer-fall season (April through December): 3.5 to 4-hour trips departing at 10 a.m. and 3-hour trips departing at 2:30 p.m. every day (except Thanksgiving and Christmas), in addition to trips at 9 a.m., 1:30 p.m. and sunset trips on some days

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This allows us to get out far enough to see all the animals and then have a great sail coming home provided we dont get to carried away watching all the wild life. Times are by appointment only. Please call 818-822-2390 or email to book a memory of a life time here in the prestigous Monterey Bay Sanctuary Princess Monterey Whale Watching. Many people rave about their experience with Princess Monterey Whale Watching. They have been in the business for more than 30 years and all of their whale watching tours include narration by a trained marine biologist/naturalist. Princess Monterey Whale Watching offers whale watching tours all year long Whale watching on the Monterey Bay is a year-round adventure. We see whales and/or dolphins on well over 95% of our trips, plus pulsating jellies, foraging sea otters, playful California sea lions, harbor seals, local and migratory birds and a lot more. So bring your sense of wonder, awe and anticipation for what may well be the adventure of a.

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Princess Monterey Whale Watching Tour. Book your whale watching experience today Discovery Whale Watch Website Their mission statement is: “We strive to provide our passengers with an inspiring, educational experience on Monterey Bay.Trips are weather permitting and travel to different locations within the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary to view whales and dolphins and other wildlife throughout the year Spot graceful giants with discounts on whale watching in Monterey. Come face to face with these peaceful creatures off the coast of California. Buy coupons now. Up to 31% Off Whale Watching & Great White Shark Tours at Sea Goddess Whale Watching. 2-2.5 Hour Whale Watching and Dolphin Cruise from Davey's Locker (Up to 58% Off). All Fees Included. Monterey Bay. There are two seasons for whale watching in Monterey Bay, home of a world-famous aquarium. Visit from mid-December through mid-April to see gray whales, dolphins and killer whales. Come see a wide variety of wildlife including large whales, dolphins, Killer Whales, seabirds and more! Professionals accompany you every step Book today

Stay: The Bar Harbor Grand Hotel puts you within strolling distance of whale-watching tours and at the doorstep of Acadia National Park. Monterey, CA. When: May-October. Type of whale: Blue. Did you know: The diversity of aquatic life in Monterey Bay makes it the marine equivalent of going on a safari in Africa. While a variety of whales can. Monterey Bay: Whale Watching Tour. 4.7. 163 reviews. From $65 per person. Book now. Monterey Bay is the premier destination for whale watching all year! There are whales seen every day here in Monterey. Trips are narrated by a marine biologist or naturalist who provides educational and interesting information about the wildlife

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Whale watching trips from Monterey. Several companies run whale watching trip starting from Monterey harbour and sailing through the bay to spot whales and dolphins. Of course, seeing whales is not guaranteed, but a boat trip is fun in the first place and you have high chance to see something in the second place Monterey Bay. Monterey Bay is California's hub for all things aquatic. You can go out for a whale-watching excursion year-around and expect to see migrating whales, plus tons of resident marine life like turtles, sea lions, and sea otters. The best time to go whale watching in Monterey is mid-December through mid-April (gray whales, dolphins. Monterey Bay Whale Watching. Distance from hotel: 0.75 miles. 84 Fishermans Wharf, Monterey, California, 93940. View Whale Watching on google map. 831-375-4658. Whale Watching Phone Number. Visit Website. Visit Whale Watching Website. Humpback whales Santa Cruz Whale Watching Sightings November 8-11. Monterey Bay is alive with marine life−humpback whales, dolphins, sea lions, birds, even mola-mola! Each day is a little bit different, but always amazing and memorable. Soon we will start looking for gray whales migrating southward from Alaska to Baja California Stagnaro Sport Fishing, Charters and Whale Watching Cruises, Santa Cruz and Monterey Bay, California (CA). Current Monterey Bay and Santa Cruz fishing reports. WE ARE OPEN FOR FISHING TRIPS! Book Your Trip Now! The Stagnaro family has been serving the Santa Cruz area for over a century, ever since Italian patriarch Cottardo Stagnaro settled in.

Whale Watching Safaris from Moss Landing, 30 min. north of Monterey, for Spring-Summer-Fall humpbacks, blue whales, and oceanic dolphins. A Fast Raft Whale Watching Safari is an exhilarating way to explore the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary Monterey Whale Watching Package - See Orcas, Humpbacks, Blue Whales & Dolphins Be spellbound as you take in the sight of orcas, humpback, blue whales, and dolphins beginning in April until the first two weeks in December in Monterey Bay

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California is one of the premier destinations in the world for whale watching, and there are numerous boat excursions and shore-viewing options available up and down the state. Each year, about 20,000 gray whales make an epic 6,000-mile journey between Alaska and Mexico—with most hugging the coastline in sight of land. Many other species are commonly spotted off California's Pacific Coast. Chris' Fishing and Whale Watching 48 Fisherman's Wharf #1 Monterey, CA 93940831.375.5951We offer full service guided Family Friendly Fishing & Whale Watching..

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The Humpback Whale is an endangered species, occurring in all the world's oceans. The central California population of Humpback Whales migrates from their winter calving and mating areas off Mexico to their summer and fall feeding areas off coastal California. Humpback Whales occur in Monterey Bay area from late April to early December Looking for Whale Watching Tours in Monterey, CA? We have two whale watching tours that leave daily at 10:00 am and 2:00 pm, weather permitting. If you would like to check availability please visit our official whale watching site

Monterey Bay Whale Watch Discounts. 75% off (8 days ago) monterey bay whale watch discounts. 75% off (9 days ago) Monterey Bay Whale Watching Coupons. 75% off (Just Now) 75% Off Blue Ocean Whale Watching On The Monterey Bay . 75% off (4 days ago) As of yesterday, FreePromoHub has 29 promotions for Blue Ocean Whale Watching On The Monterey Bay Coupon Code in total, which include 0 cash back. Whale Watching: What's included: up to a 3-hour whale watching tour in Monterey Bay. Departure times: 9:30 a.m., 12:30 p.m., and 3:30 p.m. Departure location: Moss Landing Harbor. Notable sights: humpback, killer, blue whales as well as dolphins and sea turtles. Complimentary donuts and coffee are available for the morning hours Monterey Bay Whale Watch is the only whale watch tour that is owned and operated by experienced Marine Biologists! We have been operating for almost 30 years. Nancy Black is the owner of MBWW and has been studying Monterey Bay's marine life for more than 30 years Monterey Marriott. Hotel in Downtown Monterey, Monterey (0.3 miles from Monterey Bay Whale Watching Cruises) Monterey Marriott features 2 on-site restaurants and an outdoor pool. Located off Highway 1, it is a 5-minute drive away from Monterey Bay Aquarium. Show more

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Monterey California Whale Watching Coupon. 76% off (7 days ago) Monterey California Whale Watching Coupon Overview. Monterey California Whale Watching Coupon can offer you many choices to save money thanks to 18 active results. You can get the best discount of up to 76% off. The new discount codes are constantly updated on Couponxoo The Best Time to Visit Monterey, California Things to Do in Monterey Go on a Whale Watching Tour. Monterey is without a doubt one of the best places in the world to go whale watching. The Monterey Submarine Canyon allows for whales and dolphins to be seen close to shore, even with the naked eye. But for the best experience, book a whale. 36 days in West Coast BY A USER FROM UNITED STATES San Diego Los Angeles Yosemite National Park 4 days in Moss Landing BY A USER FROM UNITED STATES The Shakespeare Society of America Dolphin & Whale Watching Moss Landing State Beach 43 days in California BY A USER FROM UNITED STATES Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Park Santa Monica San Diego.

The Monterey Bay whale watching displays have been AMAZING this year. The El Niño weather system has kept the water warmer than usual, bringing an abundant food source close to shore attracting the humpback whales. There are about 50-60 of them living and feeding right now in the Monterey Bay Whale Watching in Monterey, CA at Moss Landing (Sept. 27 2014) Located in Moss Landing is the Moss Landing Marine Laboratories, a multi-campus research facility of the California State University, and also the Moss Landing Power Plant, a natural gas plant that is visible from Santa Cruz, California to the north and Monterey, California to the. This All-Day Whale Watching Trip At Monterey Bay In Northern California Belongs On Your Bucket List. There are a lot of pros when it comes to living in Northern California and one of the big ones is the proximity to the coast and marine wildlife Chere Tamura was on a tour with Monterey Bay Whale Watch on August 5 when she witnessed the incredible sight of humpback whales and sea lions feeding together in Monterey Bay, California. Tamura is a videographer for Monterey Bay Whale Watch and is lucky enough to see whales fairly frequently; however, she rarely has the chance to see sea lions.

Enjoy year-round whale watching trips to observe the spectacular diversity and abundance of whales and dolphins inhabiting California's coastal waters. All Monterey whale watching tours are led by marine biologists, most with ten or more years of experience, who fully narrate the trip and answer guest questions Sea Goddess Whale Watching. January 26 at 7:20 PM ·. 01/23- Saturday was a fantastic day out on the water!! We were lucky enough to see the beautiful and incredible gray whales migrating southbound through the Monterey Bay! On both trips we saw a pair of gray whales, the second trip was especially exciting because one of the whales breached. Chris' Whale Watching Tours - Monterey, CA | Groupon. COUPON (6 days ago) Best Of Groupon. 48 Fishermans Wharf, Monterey, CA 93940 Directions. Today 5:00 AM - 8:00 PM All Hours. +18313755951. View Website. Cast off from the ordinary and set course for the extraordinary on a boating trip with Monterey's Chris' Whale Watching Tours, CA We are the Monterey Bay's leading company in narrated ocean and bay tours, specializing in natural history and biology of marine wildlife, especially whales! Our whale watching trips run year-round and are fully narrated by marine biologists/naturalists, all with 10 or more years experience on the Monterey Bay For recent marine mammal sightings in the Monterey Bay area, visit Sanctuary Cruises or Monterey Bay Whale Watch. Easy and Exciting Encounters In the 1970s, most species of whales were hard to spot, as their populations were still low due to whaling

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Whale watching season is here in Monterey Bay! If you are in the area, we invite you to join us on a morning half-day voyage among whales, dolphins, porpoises, seabirds, seals, and otters. No two days are ever the same in the incredibly rich marine environment of Monterey Bay Monterey Bay Whale Watch offers year-round whale watching trips to observe the spectacular diversity and abundance of whales and dolphins inhabiting the Bay. Monterey is the best place in the nation to view a variety of marine mammals and seabirds Share a one-of-a-kind whale watching experience with your canine companion aboard one of the Monterey Bay Whale Watch boats. Open year-round, Monterey Bay Whale Watch has the area's highest success rate for whale and dolphin sightings. Piloted by captains with over 20 years of experience, each boat trip is led by knowledgeable and experienced marine biologists. Sightings are dependent on the.

Monterey Bay Boat Charters offers many opportunities to enjoy Monterey Bay, California, and learn about the marine mammals, birds and other sea life in the Bay. Whale watching trips - year-round Summer/fall trips (April through December) feature humpback whales, blue whales and dolphins 1 Monterey Dolphin & Whale Watching. 2 Monterey Cruises & Boat Tours. 3 Monterey Zoos & Aquariums. 4 Monterey Tickets. 5 Monterey Day Trips. 6 Monterey Bike Tours. 7 Monterey Electric Bike Tours. 8 Monterey Tours. 9 Monterey Family-friendly Activities

The key variables are: whale species; migration direction {Gray Whale Watching Moss Landing, Monterey Bay}Gray Whales migrate south towards warmer water in Baja, California in the winter and come back north in the spring Whale Watching Monterey Bay California - The Whales of Monterey Bay. From April through November the Humpback Whale is the most common whale found out of Monterey Bay. Monterey Bay is a most abundant food source for these beautiful cetaceans. Humpback Whales are the most animated of all Baleen whales The central coast of California offers a lot more whale watching possibilities: There are more than 20 tour operators and more than 20 designated places for sightings from the mainland. The most important ones are: Point Reyes National Seashore, Sonoma Coast State Park, San Simeon and Montana de Oro State Park

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Monterey Bay enjoys two whale-watching seasons: mid-December to mid-April for gray whales, dolphins and killer whales, and mid-April through mid-December for humpback, blue whales, and killer whales. Visitors can observe them from the shore in Monterey Submarine Canyon and Santa Cruz, which features whales off coast at any time of the year The best way to explore the marine life and scenery of the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary is on a whale watching tour. 5. Cannery Row. Cannery Row was once a huge fish canning district. Monterey was once known as the sardine capital of the world with canning and fish factories dominating the waterfront Monterey Bay Whale Watch, Monterey, California. 111,353 likes · 6,899 talking about this · 34,641 were here. Monterey Bay Whale Watch is the leading nature tour provider in what is widely recognized..

Whale Watching Monterey, CA in July? Reply Subscribe . Thread Tools Search this Thread Jul 5th, 2003, 09:23 AM #1 Trav. Original Poster . Join Date: Jan 2003. Posts: 311. Blue Whale. Blue whales can move along the entire California coastline during summer and fall searching for their prey —great swarms of krill. Blue whales are attracted to sanctuary waters during this time, when krill swarms are often seen in great concentrations in Monterey Bay Destination 2008 Monterey Bay - California. Next trip: Mid March 2008 - 1 week trip. Highlights of the Monterey Bay Whale Watching Trip Migrating Gray Whales moving from their winter breeding grounds in Baja California northwards to their summer feeding grounds in the Bering Sea

One of the highest-rated whale watching companies in Southern California, we offer year-round boat tours and educational whale watching field trips for an ocean adventure you'll never forget. Join us for an exciting Dolphin & Whale Watching Tour aboard Manute'a, our high-speed catamaran sailboat, or get your adrenaline pumping with a cruise. Monterey, California - Whale Watching, Dolphins, Sea Lions, the coastline and more. It was a beautiful day for whale watching at Moss landing, California along the Monterey Bay. Moss Landing is the Gateway to Monterey Bay. It is said that the Monterey Bay area is one of the best area for whale watching Group Charters. Weekdays (Up to 15 People): $1,600. Saturday (Up to 18 People): $2,000. Sunday (Up to 18 People): $1,800. Point Sur additional $400

The Princess Monterey Whale Watching tour company said the very rare triple breach was seen Saturday afternoon from the deck of The Atlantis Monterey. Capt. Brent Duke Williamson, who has. Monterey Bay Whale Watch. 84 Fisherman's Wharf #1, Monterey, CA 93940 Phone: (831) 375-4658. Overview Photos Map. Monterey Bay Whale Watch/Captain Richard Ternullo. 1 Photo San Diego Whale Watching. San Diego Whale Watch offers the premier whale watching experience in Southern California. Our experienced crew knows exactly how to track down and show you the spectacular wildlife The Pacific Ocean has to offer. Your whale watching cruise is available at an affordable price on our historic boat, the Privateer California Whale Watching: Long Beach Whale Watching Harbor Breeze Yacht Charters & Cruises. Monterey Whale Watching Monterey Bay Whale Watch Monterey Whale Watching Company. Newport Beach/Balboa Davey's Locker. Santa Barbara Whale Watching Captain Don's Whale Watching Tours Condor Express Double Dolphin Sunset Kidd Sailboat. San Diego Whale. California Whale Watching At-a-Glance . Here's a bite-sized snapshot of everything you need to know. When to Go: Whales are migrating year-round, but February-April is the best time to take a California road trip! Where to Go: Head to Monterey, Morro Bay, Dana Point, or San Diego. What You'll See: Gray whales are most common, but you might also see Orcas, humpback whales, blue whales.

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Anyone who sees the whale, either on a whale watching tour, from a fishing boat or other craft, is asked to note its position and call the NOAA hotline at 877-767-9425 so a rescue crew can be sent. We are the Monterey Bay's leading company in narrated ocean and bay tours, specializing in natural history and biology of marine wildlife, especially whales! Our whale watching trips run year-round and are fully narrated by marine biologists/naturalists, all with 10 or more years experience on the Monterey Bay. Extra Phones. Primary Phone: 831. California Grey Whale & Whale Watching In California. In the fall, the Eastern Pacific, or California, Gray Whale starts a 2-3 month, 8,000-11,000 km (or 6,835 miles) trip south along the west coast of Canada, the United States and Mexico 2 Amazing paddling destinations. Kayak Rentals and Guided tours of Elkhorn, Slough in Moss Landing. Kayak Rentals and Guided Tour on Monterey Bay National Marine sancutary. Both offer marine life viewing of sea otters, harbor seals, sea lions

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