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The Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum is an educational institution that uses trans-disciplinary approaches to increasing knowledge about the past, present, and future, especially related to the diversity and relationships in nature and among cultures Take a virtual tour to see our favorite statues of famous pharaohs and tomb relics. If you can't actually visit the Egyptian Museum in Cairo, do the next best thing: Virtually tour some of the exhibits below. It's bad enough that I've been self-quarantined inside our home for a week and a half now, with no end to this isolation in sight Egyptian Museum - Virtual Tour The Museum of Egyptian Antiquities, known commonly as the Egyptian Museum, holds an extensive collection of ancient Egyptian antiquities. It has 120,000 items and is one of the largest museums in the region. A Virtual Tour of the Museum of Egyptian Antiquities Narmer Palette Tutankhamun's Mask Merneptah Stele Colossal Statues of [ Egypt: Egyptian Virtual Museum. Welcome to The Virtual Egyptian Antiquity Museum . Ancient Egypt News. Ancient Egypt News; Egyptology News Blog; Egyptology & Egyptologist; Classical Egyptian Tours; Family Tours; Egypt Nile Cruises; Independent/packaged; Other Travel Info. Special Offers; Travel Logs (New!) About Egypt's Climate; Special.

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A Virtual tour The Tut Hall Egyptian Museum Tahrir Today we take you on an exclusive tour to see the iconic mask of the Golden Pharaoh, Tutankhamun, in the Egyptian Museum in Tahrir. Tutankhamun has captivated audiences worldwide since British archaeologist Howard Carter discovered his tomb back in 1922 A Virtual Tour of Ancient Egypt and the Nile. Egypt. One word and a rich legacy of kingdoms, culture, architectural advances, philosophy, and world history begin to unfold. Home to many World Heritage sites and ancient mysteries of the world, Egypt has lured adventurous travelers, archaeologists, and explorers to the region for centuries The tour includes a reconstructed image of the chamber with the sarcophagus in place, but the actual coffin is now kept at the Egyptian Antiquities Museum in Cairo Multiple Dates. Pyramids and Egyptian Museum: Ancient Egypt Virtual Tour. by World Virtual Tours. Follow. 1688 followers. $9.99. Actions and Detail Panel. Share this event. $9.99 Home; Virtual Guided Tours; Egypt Galleries Tour; Egypt Galleries Tour. Follow along as we delve into 5,000 years of ancient Egypt. Drawing on some of the more than 40,000 objects in the Penn Museum's Egyptian collection, we'll follow the rise of the ancient Egyptian kingdom, learn about Egyptian medicine and protection practices, and discover the importance of Egyptian names

See the Tutankhamen exhibit in this next installment of the Egyptian Museum in Cairo. The outer halls of the 2nd floor contain the treasures of Yuya and Tuya.. The Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities has released the second in a series of virtual and guided video tours of a wide array of museums and archaeological sites around Egypt. You will embark on a different kind of journey through the Egyptian civilization in the famous Egyptian Museum. 20 pieces will be displayed by the Ancient Egyptian Art and Artifacts - Virtual Tour Our Tour of Ancient Egyptian Art includes any sculpture, architecture, paintings, ceramics, drawings on papyrus, faience, jewelry, ivories, burial artifacts, or objects produced by the civilization of ancient Egypt. Ancient Egyptian Art reached a high level of expression, which was uniquely stylized and symbolic and which changed [ Following the lead of many Egyptian artists who have turned to the internet to reach their audiences, On April 3, the ministry began to offer virtual tours to Egyptian museums and archaeological sites via its websites and social networking platforms. According to the ministry's statement, the tours are organized in cooperation with its partners. Explore an Egyptian Temple in Virtual Reality as part of an exhibit in partnership with the APEX Museum in Atlanta. This experience is best viewed with a VR.

Virtual Tour of Giza Pyramids and Egyptian Museum With this virtual tour we take you to the Pyramids of Giza, one of the remaining wonders of the Ancient World. A lot of mystery still revolves around these fascinating Pyramids and if you want to know more about how these structures were built and for which reasons, t then continue down the valley where the mighty Sphinx stands with great pride The Virtual Visit begins with an introduction to the British Museum and its collection of eight million objects. It centres around a variety of ancient Egyptian objects from the British Museum collection. Students are recruited as British Museum myth-busters and they are issued a to-do list with three areas of ancient Egyptian history to. This iconic museum located in the heart of London allows virtual visitors to tour the Great Court and discover the ancient Rosetta Stone and Egyptian mummies. You can also find hundreds of.

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  1. The Egyptian Museum of Turin is the oldest museum in the world, entirely dedicated to the Nilotic civilization and is considered, by value and quantity of the finds, the most important in the world after that of Cairo.. In 1759 a passionate Egyptologist from Padua, Vitaliano Donati, went to Egypt to carry out excavations and found various finds, which were sent to Turin
  2. The tour is one of four virtual trips of historic Egyptian sites being promoted during lockdown. Beefed up with 3D modelling by Harvard University, this is true vicarious travel, offering a.
  3. In 1915, it was acquired by the Marquis de Gestas in Tarbes. It became part of this collection in 1975. Parallel: A similar coffin, containing a certain Nespamau, also from Ipu, is at the Berlin Ägyptisches Museum (#868 in the Staatliche Museen Preussischer Kulturbesitz- Ägyptisches Museum 1967)
  4. The Egyptian Mummies Unit Study & Virtual Museum Tour will take you on a virtual tour of the British Museum's galleries that contain the Egyptian mummy exhibits. You will visit the galleries and explore at your leisure and then enjoy completing the activities to learn more about Egyptian life and death. This Unit Study is a fun study to do.

For younger children, there is a page for Egyptian-based activities, and for older kids, there is a chat forum on the topic of ancient Egypt. Wander Through Collections at These 10 Art Museums Via Virtual Tour Top 19 Things to Do in Ahmedabad, Gujarat 25 Top Things to Do in Egypt The Valley of the Kings, Egypt: The Complete Guid Virtual tours Enjoy the Louvre at home! Online tours. Virtual tours; Louvre at home; following sections previous sections. Virtual tours. Visit the museum rooms and galeries, admire the palace architecture and enjoy the views! The Advent of the Artist. For its 5th edition, the Petite Galerie takes a closer look at the transition from the. While the museum's opening has now been postponed to early 2021, the Egyptian Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities is showing virtual tours on Instagram of the treasures of Egypt. One can tour. Seeing There. Visit towns and cities see their buildings, parks, zoos, railroad stations and aerodromes. Peak into the night life of cabarets and music halls. Brochures for theme parks in the 1910s. Risqué programs smuggled through customs in the 1930s. The newest architecture that we now consider classics

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Virtual Egypt - 360° panoramic virtual tour - experience virtual Mosques (Egypt) as if you're there! Virtual Egypt . CAIRO • Military Museum This tour was completed 2014 by Virtually Anywhere, a virtual tour production company, in collaboration with the Oriental Institute Museum's Curatorial Assistant Mónica G. Vélez. The Oriental Institute Museum is a showcase of the history, art, and archaeology of the ancient Near East The Egyptian Museum is the oldest archaeological museum in the Middle East, and houses the largest collection of Pharaonic antiquities in the world. The museum displays an extensive collection spanning from the Predynastic Period to the Greco-Roman Era. The architect of the building was selected through an international competition in 1895, which was the first of its kind, and was won by the. Egyptian Antiquities — featuring collections from the Pharaonic period; A virtual museum tour is, in essence, a simulation of what you might experience when visiting the museum in person. Virtual tours are usually comprised of a collection of videos, still images, 3D walkthroughs, and narration that help you feel as though you're.

Matterport 3D Showcase. Presented by. Powered b 2. The Louvre, Paris. This museum offers free online access to its important exhibits.For instance, some works from Michelangelo or the famous Egyptian Antiquities.What's more, you can take a 360-degree tour and click what you find attractive to discover some additional information Thanks to Gihan Nabil ‎ ‏ ‎learning center of the Grand Egyptian Museum and the tour guide Dina Ezz Aldin for volenteering and Media Hub for the production. The Funerary Complex of King Unas. ‎ ‏ The tonight's tour is for the Funerary Complex of King Unas (c.‪2375-2345 BC) , the last king of the Fifth Dynasty

0:00 / 4:09. Live. •. Explore a virtual tour of the Pyramid of Giza from the inside on EON-XR and marvel at the architecture and engineering expertise of our ancient forefathers! The oldest and largest of the three pyramids at Giza, known as the Great Pyramid, is the only surviving structure out of the famed Seven Wonders of the Ancient World Arguably the world's greatest art museum, which even featured in Beyonce and Jay-Z's pop video, is also the world's most visited museum. Though, now the museum is closed temporarily, you can still check out virtual tours of the Egyptian antiquities collection, remains of the Louvre's moat and the Galerie d'Apollon Virtual Tour of the Bode Museum on Museuminsel, Berlin. The Bode Museum on Berlin's Museum Island has some of the most exquisite objects - it houses the Sculpture Collection and the Museum of Byzantine Art. Of the five museums on the island, this one has its own interactive, virtual tour. Easy to use, in German and English, it will. The Grand Egyptian Museum is offering private, behind-the-scenes tours of the collections housed in its 5.2-million square feet for $250 before it opens to the public, according to CNN Travel. An.

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Virtual Museum Tours are steadily becoming more and more common. VR has the power to transport users to places they might never be able to visit in real life so welcoming digital visitors into the museums of the world is a natural fit. It's also a huge win for students across the globe as they get to explore some amazing pieces of world history with unprecedented access and ease CAIRO - 15 April 2020: This Tour is made by the Ministry of Tourism & Antiquities in cooperation with the Ministry of State for Information. The GEM will be the largest museum in the world dedicated to ancient Egyptian culture. We are preserving and displaying our important national heritage with state-of-the-art conservation laboratories. Settle in for a virtual tour of The National Museum in New Delhi. This museum has been open since 1949, and the decades of collections span about 5,000 years of history

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Virtual Tour of King Tut's Tomb King Tut or, Tutankhamun (alternately spelled with Tutenkh- , -amen , -amon ), approx. 1341 BC - 1323 BC) was an Egyptian pharaoh of the 18th dynasty (ruled ca. 1333 BC - 1323 BC in the conventional chronology), during the period of Egyptian history known as the New Kingdom 3. The British Museum, London. London's public museum offers numerous ways to virtually view its expansive collections. See the Rosetta Stone by visiting the Egyptian Sculpture Gallery on Google. Opening days and times. From 1 July 2021 Monday to Thursday 08.30 a.m. - 06.30 p.m. (final entry 04.30 p.m.) Friday and Saturday 08.30 a.m. - 10.30 p.m. (final entry 08.30 p.m.) ALL THE EXTRAORDINARY OPENINGS OF THE LAST SUNDAY OF THE MONTH ARE SUSPENDE Everyone wants to go to Paris! But you don't need a passport to see at least some of the exhibits at the world's most famous art museum. Check out the current virtual tours: Egyptian antiquities, Galerie d'Apollon, and what we think will be the biggest hit with kids—the remains of the Louvre's moat! 22. The Great Wall of Chin All our virtual tours are inquiry-based, occur in real time, and are facilitated by museum educators, providing teachers and students with opportunities for interaction, connection, and reflection. As a teacher of ancient civilizations to elementary students, I was very excited to learn of the Ancient Egypt Hieroglyphs virtual tour offered by.

The Louvre. France's most famous museum is currently offering seven virtual tours: The Advent of the Artist, Founding Myths: From Hercules to Darth Vader, Power Plays, The Body in Movement, Egyptian Antiquities, Remains of the Louvre's Moat and Galerie d'Apollon Join this virtual tour as we explore the Met's spectacular galleries of ancient Egyptian art covering over 3,000 years. We will visit one of the smallest pieces in the collection, Willian the Hippo, as well as the largest work of art in the entire museum- The Egyptian Temple of Dendur. We'll hear the story and see the pictures of how an authentic Egyptian temple made its way to New York City. Credit: Alamy. This world-famous museum in Washington D.C is now open online and is one of the best virtual tours for kids out there. Explore every single one of the exhibits with a 360-degree-view on their website. In the Sant Ocean Hall, you can get up close and personal with a blue whale like you've never seen before

The museum offers free online tours of some of its most important and popular exhibits, such as its Egyptian Antiquities and works from Michelangelo. You can take a 360-degree look at the museum. Virtual tours offered by the Louvre include a walkthrough of the Egyptian antiquities wing and a view of the museum's moat, which was built in 1190 to protect Paris from invaders Stare at ancient sculptures, gaze at fascinating Egyptian mummies, and experience astonishing relics from the past — all from the comfort of your living room. Some of the world's best museums offer virtual tours through Google Street View, and it's a wonderful way to see earth's wonders. Check out these 12 awe-inspiring museum tours The Louvre's free virtual tour takes you through the Egyptian Antiquities, the remains of the Louvre's Moat, and the Galerie d'Apollon. Guggenheim Museum - New York, New York, USA Designed by Frank Lloyd Wright, one of the most influential architects of the 20th century, the Guggenheim Museum in New York is worth seeing both for its. The museum features a fantastic, intuitive, virtual 3D tour. You can zoom in on each exhibit's details, and find out more about every aspect of computing history, such as the world's oldest.

Then we'll come to you! From gallery tours and artwork spotlights to hands-on classes for all ages, you'll find all the things that you love most about the Museum, now in virtual form. View Full Calendar. Sep 10, 2021 - Sep 10, 2021. 12:30 PM - 1:30 PM Apr 11, 2016 - A Virtual Derive. See more ideas about egyptian, louvre, virtual tour The Egyptian Museum is conveniently located in Cairo, the capital city of Egypt. Cairo is also home to the country's primary international airport, which in turn means that most Egypt tour packages start and end in Cairo, with travelers usually having several days to explore this enchanting city and the many infamous attractions located nearby.. Quite understandably, the vast majority of. Tickets & tours: Egyptian Museum $40 and up. Egyptian Museum Trip $12.16 and up. Half day Egyptian museum $30 and up . Details: Midan Tahrir, Downtown, 2579 6948. Opening hours: 9am-7pm Mon-Wed, to 9pm Sun & Thu, to 4pm Fri & Sat. Prices: adult/student LE 120/60, after 5.30pm Sun & Thu LE 180/90, Royal Mummies Room LE 150/75, camera LE 50 Colonial Williamsburg is a living-history museum in Virginia that offers a glimpse at what life was like in the 18th century. Its virtual tour is highly interactive and includes videos, informational signs, and 3D models you can rotate. With its various webcams, you can see the armory, courthouse, merchants square, and more

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Virtual Museum: 14 ways to explore from home. Delve into the Museum from home with a virtual self-guided tour of the galleries, an interactive experience about Hope the blue whale and audio guides narrated by Sir David Attenborough. 1. Stroll around the Fantastic Beasts™: The Wonder of Nature exhibition The Vatican Museum - Rome, Italy. Go to Collections and then Museums, and then click on the 360 to the right of the screen for a list of the 360 degree virtual rooms. The Uffizi Gallery. La Galleria Degli Uffizi - This isn't a 360 degree tour but it is a HD tour of some very breathtaking artwork from some of the worlds most. The Department of Egyptian Art was established in 1906 to oversee the Museum's already sizable collection of art from ancient Egypt. The collection had been growing since 1874 thanks to individual gifts from benefactors and acquisition of private collections (such as the Drexel Collection in 1889, the Farman Collection in 1904, and the Ward Collection in 1905), as well as through yearly.

Finding your way around four floors and the 2.5 km of the museum circuit. Themed tours Opportunities to get to know and explore the great and small themes of ancient Egypt Take an Inspiring Virtual Tour of an Ancient Egyptian Royal Tomb. The tomb of an Egyptian queen has been opened up for you to experience online, complete with hieroglyphs that date it back 5,000 years. It's one of a series of 3D virtual tours, giving amateur archaeologists and history buffs the chance to explore some of Egypt's most. Tour of the Ancient Egyptian Gallery. Join curator Margaret Maitland for a guided virtual tour of our Ancient Egypt Rediscovered gallery at the National Museum of Scotland. Margaret Maitland, Principal Curator of the Ancient Mediterranean, presents a personalised tour of our Ancient Egypt Rediscovered gallery

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The Museum of Egyptian Antiquities, known as the Egyptian Museum in Cairo, contains an extensive collection of ancient Egyptian antiquities. Built in 1901 by the Italian construction company Garozzo-Zaffarani and designed by the French architect Marcel Dourgnon, the edifice is one of the largest museums in the region and it has more than 120,000 items credits. Giza Luxo The museum offers free online resources to help students learn, like the 100 Ways to Play suggestions, which give parents and caregivers ideas for how to help kids engage in the world around them. Good to Know: Boston's Children Museum has a virtual tour that allows kids to click on arrows to explore the museum Virtual Tour. The Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History virtual tours allow visitors to take self-guided, room-by-room tours of select exhibits and areas within the museum from their desktop or mobile device. Visitors can also access select collections and research areas at our satellite support and research stations as well as past.

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Egyptian Balcony. If you have a head for heights, head up to a third floor balcony, for an incredible view through the atrium! The Egyptian balcony features murals painted by John Somerscales between 1909 and 1913. The Egyptian Balcony is only accessible as part of a guided tour - see the events page for details of the next tour Online Natural Attractions and World Virtual Tour are offering a Virtual Tour of Pyramids and the Egyptian Museum on Facebook Live! You can tune in this Friday, February 26th from 10am-1pm The impressive collection of the Ägyptisches Museum und Papyrussammlung encompasses masterpieces from different eras of ancient Egypt Discover the history of the Louvre as a palace and museum on the 'Medieval Tour', or take the 'Egyptian Antiquities' tour for a walkthrough of the eastern wing of the Louvre (Sully), home to the magnificent Tanis Sphinx (2600 BC). Don't miss The virtual tour of the Apollo Gallery, the first Royal Gallery for Louis XIV.Rebuilt after a fire in 1661, it features 41 paintings, 118.

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Save Pyramids and Egyptian Museum: Ancient Egypt Virtual Tour to your collection. Fukushima Samurai Spirit Tourism presents a Virtual Tour of Tsuruga Castle Sun, Jul 18, 2021 10:00 AM BST (+01:00 Arts of the Book is a permanent gallery of almost 600 objects from the museum's collections, displaying books from the ancient world, including the world famous Chester Beatty Love Poems (c.1160 BC), Egyptian Books of the Dead and beautifully illuminated European manuscripts.. One of the highlights is the display of Western book-bindings (5th-20th century) and Old Master prints Free General Admission Special exhibitions may carry a charge Tickets may be purchased onlin 1. Royal Ontario Museum Virtual Tour. Take a virtual tour of Canada's largest museum. You can view curated online exhibitions and over 47,000 digitally catalogued objects from their collection. See an Egyptian mummy, a dagger forged from a meteorite, and the preserved heart of a blue whale

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30. The Met Virtual Tour. Last, but not least in the virtual reality museum tours, is the Met. The Met has a 360º project, where you can virtually explore the museum's exhibits from home. From the Cloisters to the Arms and Armor Galleries, you can explore various 360º videos of this iconic NYC museum The virtual tour of the Tomb of Queen Meresankh III, launched April 4, shows the resting place of the queen. She was the granddaughter of the pharaoh Khufu, who likely commissioned the Great.

While travel plans remain on hold, folks around the world are eager to get out and explore, which is where virtual tours come into play. Thanks to the Digital Giza Project from Harvard University, you can take a virtual tour through ancient Egyptian pyramids and tombs from the comfort of your home. The Giza Project provides couch-surfing tourists with the tools and information gathered by. Don't forget to look up when exploring the seven spaces in the museum's virtual tour, to gawp at a series of 360-degree Egyptian mummies and other ancient wonders. online virtual tour

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9. The Getty MuseumThe virtual tour of this LA museum is among the most impressive. Pieces/Items on Display: 15,713. Museum Type: Art. Visit Site. Visit Site. 10. Van GoghTake a virtual tour of the largest collection of Vincent Van Gogh's artwork. Pieces/Items on Display: 151 The Tutankhamun exhibit was one of the hottest tickets in town prior to lockdown - and one of the final chances to see the artefacts before their permanent move to Cairo's Grand Egyptian Museum - so news of the online tour is welcome indeed. The video offers a brief but exciting romp through the exhibit, picking out artefacts such as. Contents: Best things to see at the Met. Virtual tour - Metropolitan Museum of Art. The Met in 2 or 3 hours - You can take photos inside. Famous paintings at the Met. Egyptian art - Temple of Dendur and other cultural artifacts. Assyrian Lamassu - Don't miss it!. Greek and Roman sculpture cour Then we'll come to you! From gallery tours and artwork spotlights to hands-on classes for all ages, you'll find all the things that you love most about the Museum, now in virtual form. View Full Calendar. Sep 10, 2021 - Sep 10, 2021. 12:30 PM - 1:30 PM